Stella Prize 2020 – and the winner is…

See What You Made Me Do by Jess Hill is the winner of the 2020 Stella Prize.

Thoughts: it is ‘excellent, original and engaging’ (the judges criteria), but it is also important and challenging.

In her speech tonight, Julia Gillard, said ‘…writing is hard but reading is a pleasure…’. Actually, this book is hard, confronting reading but it is also necessary reading.

Congratulations to Jess Hill and all the short and long-listed authors.


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  1. I tried to read this and abandoned it. I felt like it was simply rehashing everything I already knew about domestic abuse, but I’m sure die many people it will be an eye opening read.

    • On reflection, I’ve wondered that, if ever there was a year for fiction and the escape that it offers, this is it.

      It is an important book but, like many on similar topics, I fear that they preach to the converted. I’ll finish reading it but perhaps not until after COVID-19.

      • Well now that you’ve said that, yes, I feel the same way on preaching to the converted. I also feel that it’s very topical, and while on the one hand, it’s good to keep the momentum going on an issue, on the other, it’s very topical. You know where I’m headed with this.

        Without going on about it, I come to this issue from lived experience as a child. Hence, I can’t read this book.

  2. I don’t think I’ll read this but I’m sure it’s an important and timely win. Refuge, one of our main domestic abuse charities in the UK, has reported that since lockdown their online traffic has increased by 700%. It’s shocking to think about.

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