Things that are making me happy this week

01. Many elements of this graph.

02. Olive and Mabel (here and here).

03. Result of my reading roulette (actually, there was no possible bad result). Spoiler alert: Kate Atkinson won.

04. Yarra Valley Writers Festival.

05. Blog about music in the eighties.

06. Cereal magazine.

07. Grace and Frankie Live.

08. Belafonte Spritzer.

09. Sparkly nail polish.

10. The fact that one of the tasks on my kids’ PE list is ‘vacuum the house’.


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  1. I’ve loved the Olive and Mabel videos. They’ve been a bright light in a very difficult time! Oh yes! “Tasting absolutely nothing”. As long as it’s food (and sometimes even if it isn’t) a Labrador will eat it.

    • I wouldn’t ordinarily wear a very sparkly nail to work… the joy of phone counselling!

      My 12yo quite rightly asked, “When will there be Olive and Mabel merch?”

  2. Love the graph though I have no clue what Tracky Dacks are – something you eat??
    Make up has followed the same curve as bras!. In the UK, flour has rocketed in importance (you can’t buy it anywhere)

    • Tracky dacks is slang for tracksuit pants/ sweatpants. Also called trackies. I’ve never worn trackies AND sparkly nail polish to work until now 😬

  3. A good reminder to count our blessings… here’s mine (not in order of priority)
    1. Beautiful autumn weather in Melbourne
    2. Kids in my street chalking cheery messages on the pavement.
    3. Discovering that Feijoa muffins are delicious.
    4. The possums (have so far) left our 4 (four!) Pink Lady apples alone.
    5. The government says our favourite wine shop is an essential service.
    6. No one can see my shaggy hair.
    7. I’m enjoying armchair travel as I (finally!) scrapbook my May 2019 trip to NZ.
    8. The Spouse is a wonderful cook. (Vichyssoise for lunch today, with leeks and potatoes from our own garden).
    9. I have plenty of books to read and so don’t have to use a Kindle.
    10.My neighbour is studying performance music online at Monash and sometimes we can hear her beautiful singing.
    Take care and stay safe, Lisa

    • 1 Yes, the weather has been glorious. Hope it stays a bit longer!
      3. I’ve neve had a Feijoa muffin…
      4. A miracle!
      6. Yes, new styles all round.
      8. Jealous! (I’m the cook in our house).
      9. Equally, no shortage here. I remember you commented on one of my TBR stack posts, saying that you thought a huge TBR stack was a good thing because if ‘something happened’ you’d have a good supply…!
      10. Wonderful.

      • We share excess produce in our street, and neighbours gave us a big bag full of feijoas.
        Google came to the rescue with recipes:)
        We’ve had feijoa fish curry, feijoa chicken curry, feijoa muffins and feijoa cake!

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