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01.This is my favourite news story of 2019.

02. Discovered a new restaurant last week, Ombra, and I’m obsessed with their chicchetti menu.

03. And not for the first time, I’ve wondered why tapas bars are a thing in Melbourne and yet chicchetti bars aren’t…

04. You couldn’t just pop in but I think the elevator ride would be worth it.

05. Is Bookish Thoughts turning into my travel bucket list? Probably. This.

06. Seems like a reasonable idea (because it involves gin)…

07. This is the sky in Melbourne today. It’s summer now, right? On that note (and in celebration of Father’s Day), one of my dad’s favourite songs – Blue Skies, sung by Willie Nelson.

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    • 3. It’s basically Venetian tapas – with Melbourne’s great Italian offerings, you’d think there would be more Venetian tapas!
      7. Apparently we’re back to winter on Saturday…

  1. And we’re coming to Melbourne on the weekend when the forecast I understand is rain, rain and rain. How can I ever take our grandson to the parks I suss out if it rains all the time. (BTW In Jocelyn Moorhouse’s book, she talks about returning to Australia from California, and that PJ wouldn’t live in Melbourne, where her family was, because of the weather. I wrote, ‘yes’, in the margins! Still, we do love visiting Melbourne, and discovering new cafes that we can walk to, which we can’t so easily in our suburban Canberra life.

    Love Blue Skies too. I had Willie Nelson’s He was a friend of mine (that’s right isn’t it) on the playlist for my bachelor uncle’s funeral.

    • It’s so unfair! It’s 21 degrees today – it’s been perfect and yes, a wet weekend ahead. Are you going to any MWF events?
      As much as people like to pick on Melbourne’s weather, I enjoy the fact that we have four distinct seasons and fewer rainy days than Sydney!
      My dad used to play Nelson’s Stardust album over and over. When I looked up that clip, I ended up having a real walk down memory lane.

      • No, I’d love to of course, but with only four full days there, the focus will be family. One day, I’d like to

        I’m sorry to say that I like Canberra’s four distinct seasons better, partly because we don’t usually get them all in one day, but when they are supposed to occur – Haha! I admit that I am getting tired of the cold, but I always feel colder in Melbourne because of the grey. We have a lot of sun in winter – it’s just that the mornings and nights are cold. Last time we were in Melbourne for 4 days – in mid-June – we had one sunny day. We may, or may not, get that this time, and my heart is sinking. My preferred Australian cities, climate-wise, would be Adelaide or Perth. I don’t mind heat. I would miss the stronger seasons (as we did in LA) but it’s a price I’d pay! (Of course, all this ignores the implications of climate change and what that will do to all out cities’ climates.)

  2. 1. Brilliant!
    3. It’s got to happen, surely? And in London too hopefully…
    6. Kings X is a nightmare interchange station but I might just do it for a gin scented tunnel…
    7. Beautiful! It seems to have become autumn overnight here. There’s a distinct nip in the air and all the trees are suddenly changing.

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