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01. Look up! My horseshoe vortex is included in the new cloud spotters book, A Cloud a Day by Gavin Prector-Pinney. My copy arrived today and it’s beautiful – embossed hard cover; photographs on every page, each accompanied by some cloud science or a reflection; quotes and art work featuring clouds – p.55 is especially good 😉

02. I fell down a (wonderful) black hole last week – it started with Paula’s link to an article about author Nora Krug and finished with this list of 100 must-read German books.

03. One of the libraries I belong to (I belong to three  – greedy or sensible?) is abolishing late fees. My first thought was that people will hold on to things forever but it looks like they have thought of a way around that.

04. I love travel lists – this one about the world’s least-visited countries (so many happen to be on my travel bucket list).

05. Marimekko for Target, take two (in case you missed it the first time).

06. ‘Culture vitamins’ to lift depression (I particularly like the bit about being read to).

07. Miffy love.

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  1. 1. I take it you had a photo included (plenty of clouds in the last few days, any photos?). Congratulations.
    3. My card’s valid for four libraries. I keep moving on when I run out of interesting audio books. Mmm.. abolishing late fees – doesn’t pay to report you lost a book.

    • Yes, one of my clouds was included (far from my best pic but of a rare and fleeting cloud, hence its inclusion).

      I have memberships in three local government areas (the two areas that I don’t live in, I use for online borrowing of audiobooks) which means I can actually visit and borrow at about 15 physical libraries 🙂 Comforting to know. I imagine if you lose a book you’d have to pay for the replacement to get your borrowing rights back… This hasn’t happened to me since my kids were little (one of them lost a book once).

      • I lost a cd out of an audio book once, dropped it on the ground getting out of the truck I think. WA State Library charged the library (and therefore me) $70 to replace it. The next (and last time!) I just bought the book over the counter and replaced the missing cd. And yes, I’m good for 4 councils, so maybe 12 libraries.

      • CDs are very expensive things to lose. I occasionally borrow audiobooks on CD and always notice the price on the barcode bit – some of them are upwards of $100! I much prefer Borrowbox where there is no risk of loss or late fines!

    • I love Miffy probably far more than is appropriate for someone my age! It’s the simplicity and clean lines (and I actually have some Miffy prints on my wall).

    • I can tick Lichtenstein and Monte Carlo off my list but haven’t been to San Marino. On the bucket list are the South Pacific and Caribbean destinations.

  2. I think the food drive instead of late fees is a great idea! I doubt my local system would go for it because it’s so strapped for cash. I know a bookstore chain in America that offers a discount with donations to a food bank.

  3. 5. Laura Lippman’s latest novel, Lady in the Lake, set in 1966-67, mentions Merimekko, which I hadn’t thought about in a LONG time. But back in the late 1960s, when I was a poor college student who made all her own clothes, I gravitated toward those fabrics. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I don’t think I’ll be booking my ticket to Burkina Faso any time soon. Part of my drools over these destinations but the other part thinks maybe some places should remain little visit . We’ve seen the effects of over tourism in too many locations already

  5. I love the sound of A Cloud A Day – we are fortunate to live with wonderful views and I am constantly boring my social media followers with cloud pics. 😂

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