Six Degrees of Separation – The Aftermath to The Gravity of Love

It’s time for #6degrees. This month, start with the book you finished with in July. Add six books, and see where you end up.

This month, I’m beginning with The Aftermath by Rhidian Brook (review to come but know that I loved this book).

I usually have two or three books on the go at any one time. While reading The Aftermath, I was also reading Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng.

Little Fires Everywhere focuses on Mia and her daughter Pearl, which links directly to Angela Savage’s new novel, Mother of Pearl (feeling quite pleased with this link!).

Without spoilers, the themes around babies, their parents and their heritage link both Little Fires Everywhere and Mother of Pearl to the book that I am currently engrossed in – A Perfect Explanation by Eleanor Anstruther. It is both heartbreaking and absolutely bananas – a stunning debut.

The central character in A Perfect Explanation suffers from post-natal depression, as does a character in Anna Hope’s latest release, Expectation.

I started reading Expectation despite having an ARC of Hope’s The Ballroom still in my TBR stack…!

The Ballroom is set in an asylum, as is Sara Stridsberg’s beautifully written story, The Gravity of Love (and for bonus points, the covers are similar as well).

My chain has focused very much on mothering. If by some chance you’ve read the first three books I’ve selected, you’ll know that they link very, very closely indeed.

Where will other chains go? Link up below or post your link in the comments section.

Next month (September 7, 2019), we’ll begin with A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles.


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  3. Thanks for the reminder about The Aftermath and I am pleased to hear you enjoyed it. I need to look at it before watching the film (like you, I am an obssessive ‘book before film’ person!). 😀

  4. I’ve used Mr Linky too, but am giving the link here too as I don’t know how Mr Linky works really:

    I have Mother of Pearl and look forward to reading it as I remember when Angela Savage started researching that book.

    I am thrilled that the next choice is the Towles – well, I’m thrilled because it’s another thant I’ve read, but I haven’t any idea where I’ll take it. Wherever it is, though, I know it will be fun to do.

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  7. oooh I’ve really wanted to read Little Fires Everywhere! It’s a topic close to my heart so now I need to look up all of these others that are so closely linked to motherhood!! ❤️ I love this meme so much (even though I forgot about it for a time.)

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  9. Ah, holiday mood for the start of the link (as in ‘everyone gets to choose their starting point’), but a mixed bag in your actual links. They all sound quite dramatic and moving.

  10. I can’t believe its 6 degrees time again already – I feel like its only been a week or so! I do enjoy everyone’s chains so its a good thing it comes around so quickly 🙂

    I’ve also been meaning to read The Ballroom for ages, I really liked Wake. I’m adding The Aftermath to the list too, given your recommendation and all the positive comments!

  11. Enjoyed linking my books! And I just started Little Fires Everywhere, which I got on CD at the library but am not wondering if it would have been better to read than to listen.

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