Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. Sunset, taken on my lovely weekend with my lovely mothers group at Phillip Island (our ‘babies’ are 16 now!).

02. Clearly my friend at the Queenscliff Bookshop voted!

03. Bibliomemoirs.

04. I see articles like this and my travel wish-list EXPLODES.

05. I’ve just finished listening to S2 of In the Dark – if you like true crime podcasts, this is a ripper.

06. I’m all for scruffy hospitality.

07. Reading is always a good idea but couldn’t you just go to a park any old time and STFU and read? I guess it doesn’t feel all that radical to me…

08. This tee. And all of these.

09. Is Netflix’s (gripping) Fyre doco a scam?

10. I saw the movie If Beale Street Could Talk – apparently it’s going to win a bunch of awards but honestly, I didn’t love it.

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8 responses

  1. 7. is just weird. Do they feel the need to read in public to demonstrate their betterness?, as a protest against non-readers? as a demonstration to public mobile phone users – half of whom are reading e-books or news anyway.

  2. In defence of point 7. My kids, when they were in their late teens/early twenties and seeking partners, would bemoan that their ideal person was probably at home reading a book! I see these occasions as opportunities for reading people to meet other readers – I gather they have a break between two reading stints during which they can get a cuppa, have a chat etc. Secondly, it could have a promotional effect – it might make more people see reading as a cool thing to do AND that’s never a bad thing.

    Oh, how I wish I could embrace scruffy hospitality. I’m more relaxed now – particularly about not dusting – but my house being in an untidy mess is my biggest deterrent to doing more entertaining (that, an the time, of which I seem to have too little, taken away from reading!)

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