Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01.  Mrs Roth, with her dextrous but controversial Continental knitting style scares the hell out of me.

“…prepare their needles for combat…”
“…something on her needles all the time, from ladies dresses to men’s cardigans…”
“You can tell the temperament of the woman by just how she’s knitting.”

What I want to know – WHO WON?!

02. Hooray! S3 of Serial is on the way.

03. I wouldn’t call it a slump but having come to the end of Stella Prize reading, #20BooksofSummer and Melbourne Writers Festival, I’m a little adrift…

04. Han Kang has been selected for this year’s contribution to the Future Library project, a work by Scottish artist Katie Paterson. Paterson’s work examines geological time and change in the context of human life-span.

05. Extraordinary reading. Would love to have been at the editorial meeting when this was discussed.

06. Time for a cull of the Goodreads Want-to-Read shelf. Wish I was better at organising my shelves on Goodreads…

07. Read that, listen to this.

08. In gin news

09. Oh. My. God.

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  1. Not a fan of chocolate but very much enjoy your adventures in gin. Settle down with a glass and a book and – you’ve already been given this advice – READ FOR PLEASURE. I’ve just wasted the whole morning on a ‘new’ Georgette Heyer.

    • It’s funny Bill because much of the pleasure for me is in the dialogue about books (which is why I love literary festivals and book groups…). And I kind of need to read the books to have the dialogue! Anyway, I’m choosing my books purely on whim now!

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