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  2. Like Rebecca, I have also had this on my shelf for ages – it was a hardback present when it was first published. I really must dust it off… 🙂

    • So you’ve had it on your shelf for about 17 years…? 😂 Dust it off, it’s great (actually the first of Tremain’s novels that I’ve read – only read her short stories up until now).

      • Doesn’t time fly! 😂😱 I read and really enjoyed The Gustav Sonata, so no excuse for not picking up this one. 🙂

  3. I’ll see if my library has Tremain in audiobook. I must say though that it should be ‘mired in’ not ‘mired up in’ (my inner pedant can not always be restrained).

  4. This sounds fantastic, and my library has it on audio (my new job allows me to listen while I work, it’s really upped my reading). It’s a balmy 101F/38C in Denver, I am ready for fall (but not winter).

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    • Such a rollicking good read – I want to know why it hasn’t been turned into s big budget costume drama like they did with Dangerous Liaisons?!

      • Good question! I don’t know what happened to the film. The BBC’s film arm was going to adapt it. The director who did An Education was attached to it at some point, but it doesn’t seem to have been made.

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