Lately (Winter)

Making: MEL&NYC festival plans – restaurants booked, galleries will be visited, talks to be attended
Feeling: terribly sad about the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. A reminder that we never truly know the battles people are fighting – show kindness
Enjoying: Peninsula Hot Springs in the winter time
Drinking: McHenry Federation Gin
Reading: from my 20 Books of Summer (Winter) reading list
Watching: whales (or I will be soon – from Point Hicks Lighthouse)
Anticipating: Melbourne Writers Festival – it’s been SO MUCH FUN to be part of the planning this year
Loving: the fact that there was a Felicity reunion
Needing: to lock in our holiday itinerary – it’s a long way off but when you’re a party of six you can’t just wing it
Coveting: I know a bedazzled ankle boot sounds like all kinds of wrong… But these. And how many pairs of boots is too many?
Wishing: I could go to this disco exhibition
Wanting: to do a bibliotherapy session, just for fun
Wearing: winter colours
Aiming: to read Home Fire by Kamila Shamsie (winner of the 2018 Women’s Prize for Fiction)


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  1. I envy you the festival plans, sounds interesting, as does the hot springs. And who wouldn’t want to go to a disco exhibition! ☺️

    • The gin is excellent – get in quick because it’s a small batch (when I was in Tasmania last year it was in production, so I was excited to try the finished product).

      Seeing a whale is weirdly thrilling. I went to great lengths to see one for the first time about five years ago. We were holidaying near Eden in NSW and I dragged the whole family out on a whale watching boat trip. It was a rough day and my husband and three of the kids were green within half an hour, heads in buckets below deck. One of my sons, who must have been an old sea dog in a past life, was leaping from stern to bow on the look out for whales. We saw a flash of tail and back. We both loved it.

      Then, when we went to Hawaii a few years ago, we saw so many whales that we lost count. We’d be sitting on the beach and they would be spraying air and breaching within view – it was crazy!

      Not sure if you saw this news item earlier in the week (it would have been worth getting the camera wet for) –

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