Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. Hello Europe (and Australia)! It’s Eurovision time. I was up at the crack-of for the first semi this morning. Lots of thoughts but my picks from round one (in order) –

  • Albania – for it’s 90s vibe
  • Ireland – hear the crowd roar at a certain bit
  • Finland – a good song and a lucky-ticket wheel!
  • Czech Republic – Fresh Prince meets 80s-Sportsgirl-prep
  • Bulgaria – can’t argue with the lyrics… Also, doesn’t this have a pleasing Goldfrapp feel?

Thought Switzerland would have made it through for their stand-up/ stand-on drumming work alone. I know everyone is loving Cyprus but really, Eurovision is not for Beyoncé-wannabees. And if we are voting on pure Eurovision-ness alone, Israel is the winner.

02. Very glad to see Our Magic Hour and The Trauma Cleaner on the 2018 Kibble and Dobbie Literary Awards longlists.

03. I haven’t read Sweetbitter yet but the tv series looks ace.

04. Can I have one of everything from this new Gorman collection?

05. Not a mobile phone in sight… this article is wonderful.

06. I have a great weakness for baby neck-folds.

07. Bruce, a squeezebox and a Pointer Sisters cover – does it get better? (Hint: no).

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  1. I only ever watched Eurovision once, at a hen do, and it was quite fun in the same way I used to enjoy American Idol. Nowadays I don’t have a TV … so I will also be missing Sweetbitter, which makes me sad as it was my favourite novel of 2016.

    • You need to get yourself invited to a Eurovision party… And make friends with someone whose movie package is streaming Sweetbitter! (it’s on a cable network in Australia that I don’t have).

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