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01. It was cloudy all day yesterday and I honestly thought I’d lose my shit if I didn’t get to see the Super Blue Blood Moon… thankfully, the sky was clear when the action started around 11pm. I didn’t try to take photos. I just enjoyed it (the pic above is from here). It was spectacular.

02. Honestly, I don’t buy many books these days (because this) but… these arrived in the mail today – A Tragic Honesty by Blake Bailey (thank you to Lakeside Musing for the recommendation) and The Novel Cure by Ella Berthoud and Susan Elderkin (which I discovered via Bookish Beck’s post on bibliotherapy. And I’ve just realised that I failed to actually comment on her brilliant post because I had so much to say and ask that I didn’t know where to begin…).

03. Finally saw The Teskey Brothers live (last week at Zoo Twilights). It absolutely pissed down but it didn’t stop the concert. It was ace. Here’s their brand new song:

04. I’m getting ready to see I, Tonya, so have watched a few clips in preparation (this one reminded me how much the hilarious Blades of Glory borrows from real life).

05. I’m not really into baking but will be filing this blood orange yogurt cake away for next September (which is when we get blood oranges in Aus).

07. I’ve just started training to be a volunteer biography writer for a palliative care program. I also signed up for an online course about understanding dementia (thanks for the recommendation Lisa). Hoping I have time to fit in uni in March…!

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  1. Yes, it was worth staying up for, and yes, I got a not-too-bad photo. Well, ok, it’s pretty ordinary compared to everyone else’s but it proves I WOZ THERE!
    Delighted to hear about 07! Where is the training for the biography course?

    • There are so many things that you don’t hear about in relation to dying – many say we live in a ‘death-denying’ society – and the palliative care program I’m volunteering for offers all sorts of services that I think make such a difference – music therapy, massage, transport, dog-walking… the biography writing is a small part but the thing that I felt I could contribute best to.

  2. That biography writing volunteer activity will be an emotional time I’m sure but what a wonderful service to offer someone in their final months. It will be a gift not only to them but to their family, a way to remember their loved one and to discover things about them they never knew.

    • I feel privileged to be part of someone’s life at that difficult time. From all accounts, the biographies are sometimes cathartic, sometimes a celebration and sometimes everything in between!

  3. I think your biography writing work will be so informative and special for not only the person involved, but their families. And also a class on ‘understanding dementia’. A hard, hard subject that is sad, but will touch most people in some way or another. I will offer that if you have any questions for someone who has experienced dementia/Alzheimer’s of family members, reach out to me. Both my parents were victims of this condition. They are gone now, but though I’m not an expert, I am in some ways. 🙂

  4. The moon didn’t turn red here but was still amazing. The images from around the world have been breathtaking!

    No7 sounds like my ideal job – I’m going to see if there’s something similar I can do in the UK. Would love to hear how you find it – let us know!

    What happened to No.6? Censorship – I’m working on several conspiracy theories…..

  5. 90% of the time we don’t get to see any of the lunar action (thank you, Seattle rain) but I actually did get to see this- without even knowing it was a big deal. We had a clear night and I looked out and saw this huge moon with a bluish ring/glow around it and I knew. It was beautiful.

  6. I’m still so mad at myself about the moon. I was so tired that day and I went to bed crazy early that night and I completely forgot about going out to look at it. Pictures sure are gorgeous though. 🙂

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