The ongoing saga of the stupid TBR stack…

It’s the time of the year when I check in on the TBR stack. Last year I had a book-buying ban and that certainly made a huge difference. This year I didn’t have a strict book-buying ban and although I didn’t go mental in Readings, I did borrow lots from the library…not helpful in terms of the TBR stack.

I started the year with 365 books in the stack. I set a goal of finishing the year with 299.

I didn’t get anywhere near that.

The final number – 327. Pathetic given that I read more than 80 books this year. I put it down to too many ARCs and too many library loans (which is not a bad thing!).

At least I didn’t add to the pile…

I’m not going to set a goal for 2018 but will continue my efforts to read from what I already own – my reading challenges should keep me focused on the TBR stack.

How’s your stack looking?


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  1. Um, I have a TBR home library. 880 at last count. That’s only about 4 years reading so I need to get some more – in case the stupid Australian government kills Australian publishing and Amazon kills all the bookshops.

  2. I haven’t counted my TBR stack, because I’m too scared too, but my guestimate puts it closer to yours than to Lisa’s, particularly if I’m honest with myself and say there are books there I’ll never read so are they technically TBRs? I’ve actually started giving some away – though people look at me askance when I admit that I haven’t read it but I don’t want it back! Easier to give them to Lifeline who don’t ask if I’ve read my donations!!

    I read very few of my TBR this year so it officially grew rather than reduced.

    • Technically, if you’re never going to read them, they don’t count. When I decided to actually catalogue my TBR stack, I discarded a lot of books that I decided I’d never read (that included ebooks which although don’t take up space as such, still ‘cluttered’ my reading choices).

      I rarely keep books once I’ve read them – they usually get passed on with ‘I don’t want it back’ or they go to a charity shop.

      • I agree – I just have to decided whether it’s true that I’m never going to read them! I also don’t count them as TBR until I’ve had them for a year, which in one sense is illogical but in another sense it separates out the books that I do read fairly promptly from those which get relegated to the TBRL shelves (ie To Be Read Later).

        I do keep the books I read. I often go back to them to check something even if not to reread – well, to some, but I can never tell in advance which ones I’ll want to do that for!

  3. Library’s rock! For the past two years I have worked in a library with an amazing collection (I can also request they buy an item as can all library members) so I have hardly bought any books apart from kids books and excited writers festival and book launch purchases. I did recently WIN $500 worth of books – great titles too – so I will read them but also put some out there as books on the rail and gift them.

    • That’s how I was until two years ago – I tried to stop adding as many simply because I had so many books that I pre-ordered or was desperate to get and they remained unread… My TBR stack still has loads of books that I’m sure I will really, really love.

  4. My physical pile is partly stacked on my headboard and has reached such a height that I’m sure it’ll eventually topple over and kill me in my sleep. I also have a huge list of ARCs and ebooks. I don’t count books that I aimlessly think “oh I should read that” – if I haven’t bought it then it’s not in the list.

    • My physical pile was becoming a hazard as well!
      I feel a bit guilty about the number of ARCs that I haven’t read – on the one hand I figure that it’s not my job so if I do/don’t read them, it doesn’t matter but on the other… At the beginning of the year my Netgalley rating was around 52% (not great) – I’ve got it up to around 61% now and hope that by the end of 2018 it will sit at 70%.

      • I’m working on my Netgalley rating too, although I’m not entirely sure that it matters that much. I think my rating is currently similar to yours. I also want to work on the timeliness of my reviews – I do kind of feel duty bound to review everything but sometimes it’s just not possible to fit the book in to my schedule. I’ll get around to it eventually, although I’m not sure how helpful that is to the publisher.

  5. I still have spaces on my bookshelves, but then I have 15 boxes of my father’s that I haven’t unpacked yet (I think I started with 32). I love books, not just reading them, but owning them, shelves and shelves and shelves of books.

    • I’m the same Bill – I see books as decoration and have my shelves filled with them (rather than knick-knacks).

      I often tell the story of when my son had a friend over to our house many years ago (it would have been around 2005). Anyway, this kid (age 5 or 6) took a look at our small, unimpressive tv (it still had a box on the back at a time when most people had moved to flat screens) and said “Are you poor?”. I looked at him, motioned to the wall of books and said “No, we’re very rich.” He didn’t look convinced! 😀

  6. I’m scared to check my TBR count! I’m pretty sure my numbers went up, not down. 🙂 At least counting up TBR books is a good prompt to purge the books I’m really, truly never going to read (and in some cases, don’t remember why I picked them up in the first place.)

  7. I have 63 to be read, which is nothing compared with yours but it’s the most I’ve ever had! I just can’t resist the lure of a good bookshop. In 2018, I’m determined to only buy books I know I’ll love and keep so I can make a dent in the TBR shelves. But I also have 9 big books I want to re-read, and easy access to a good library, so we’ll see how that goes…!

  8. That’s still not that bad! At least you got some of them off of the list. I have over 300 physical books on my TBR and plan to not buy any books this year but read my physical stack and use the library. I know I won’t get it way down, but I hope to make a good dent not buying anything. Good luck with 2018!

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  10. You’ve made me feel better about mine. It’s a mere 116, down from 125. Although, I’ve read 89 books this year, so clearly there’s a wormhole in my universe. I tried and failed to not buy books this year. Plus my husband is really good at buying books for me as presents. And friends lend them to me. And I feel the need to support my local library by using it. Oh, wait. That’s the wormhole isn’t it?

    2018 is the year I will get the physical pile down to 20 and the Kindle backlog down to 35. A woman has to dream.

  11. That is quite a lot. I started counting mine in 2015 and had 274, down to 220 in 2016, up to 233 in 2017 and now I am on 191! Yay! I have also sorted out books that I know I will not read. Furthermore, I do throw away, but preferably give away some of them when I have read them. There is just not space anymore. Good luck with lowering your piles. I read 55 books last year, so rather happy.

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