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Just a passing thought: do you ever come across odd little links between the books you’re reading, despite the books appearing unrelated?

For example, there was a mention of Anne Deveson in Biff Ward’s In My Mother’s Arms – I was reading Ward’s book at the same time as I was reading The Museum of Words by Georgia Blain – Deveson was Blain’s mother.

Likewise, I’m reading two books at the moment – Gilgamesh by Joan London and The Heart’s Invisible Furies by John Boyne – both of which focus on young single mothers who were judged harshly by their communities. I didn’t choose these books because I felt like reading about young mothers, it just happened that way…

Do you notice odd links between the books you’re reading?

*The picture above has nothing to do with anything. I just liked it and wish I was there right now (it’s 10am and already 32° in Melbourne, ahead of a predicted 40° ).

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  1. Yes – I’ve based pretty much my whole blog around tenuous links between books 😀 Gorgeous picture – 40C is too hot for me but I perhaps wouldn’t mind it if I was there (at the moment I’m just happy we’re in double figures in damp and drizzly London)

    • And I love your tenuous links, particularly because they usually include an 80s music reference as well 🙂

      40C is revolting but honestly, today’s dry 40C is preferable to yesterday’s humid 28C (and to damp and drizzle!).

  2. I, too, sometimes happen on serendipitous links between books (eg: https://www.exurbanis.com/archives/11189). I try to remember them and use them in your Six Degrees of Separation meme (!)

    Is there water that colour in Australia? I might even brave 40 degrees to see it. It actually will break zero here in Nova Scotia overnight and warm to a balmy 6 tomorrow before dropping below freezing again on Monday (with a possible snowstorm on Tuesday). 🙁

    • Yes, I try to remember these links for Six Degrees as well but invariably I fall back on links between books that I wasn’t reading at the same time – those links tend to be less obscure!

      I believe that picture is from a beach in Greece (I’m browsing pictures of Greece and Italy on Pinterest at the moment, vaguely planning a holiday…).

  3. Happens all the time. I recently read one after the other two novels (by Daisley and Upfield) written 60 years apart and set within a few miles of each other in the WA wheatbelt.

    • Jealous of your cloud-spotting opportunities with all that thunderstorm activity!

      My weather app shows current temperature and has a one line summary of weather ahead eg. Brief morning showers or Clear, sunny day. I just checked the temp (it’s 10.20pm) and it said ‘35C an oppressive night ahead’ 😯 First time I’ve seen a subjective summary… although I guess an overnight low of 28C is oppressive 😬

  4. I do in fact, so much so that I have a category for “reading synchronicities” that I applied several times early in my blog, but only once in the last few years, because, I think, I felt it was becoming too common! It still surprises and delights me when it happens.

  5. Yes, and I’ve just written about them on two other posts today as I noticed readers referring to Edith Wharton’s Ethan Frome which I always connect with Irene Nemirovsky’s Fire in the Blood. I read them one after the other, not intentionally, but they deal with similar issues, young forbidden love, both are novellas, but are written by authors coming from different cultural perspectives, one American and the other French. They are a fascinating pair to read together for that very reason, they add much to the thought process.

    I’m very keen to read The Heart’s Invisible Furies, can’t wait.

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