Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. Late-afternoon-altostratus taken at McCrae beach.

02. That pic looks rather grey. Most of my beach holiday was more like this:

03. Grace and Frankie season 4. Can’t wait.

04. Australia’s foray into ‘slow tv’ – 17 hours on The Ghan. I didn’t even know ‘slow tv’ was a thing. Did you?

05. This story made me cry a little (it’s happy and sad and somewhere in-between). And it reminded me that I still need to read When Breath Becomes Air.

06. On the topic of ‘dying memoirs’, I was pleased that Obama picked an Australian author, Cory Taylor, in his list of best books in 2017.

07. Books-to-films coming in 2018 – I’m most looking forward to Picnic at Hanging Rock and The Miniaturist.

08. Every now and then The Other Typist crosses my radar (the spoiler post is still the most-read post I’ve written).

09. March 29 is in the diary. Will lose my shit if I miss out on something fabulous (eg. that geometric tee or the b&w print dress).

10. And last but not least – RIP Dolores. You provided the soundtrack to my 1990s.

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  1. Great photos! It’s grey, grey and more grey here at the moment 🙁

    I didn’t realise it was called slow TV but we’ve had similar programmes here including a lovely one on a canal. It’s weirdly compulsive!

    I hadn’t heard about No5 – how moving.

    I thought The Miniaturist adaptation was great – Romola Garai is always a safe pair of hands and the rest of the cast were really strong too.

    Such sad news about Dolores, what a talent. Beautiful voice – thanks for the clip.

    • Glad to hear The Miniaturist was good – don’t know when/how we’ll get it in Aus (there’s a battle between the Netflix et al providers for customers here…).

      The Cranberries remains one of the most memorable concerts I went to in the nineties (and I still have the tour t-shirt, of course).

    • I agree but trying to keep an open mind… and like the last ‘instalment’ of Hanging Rock that was published years later, I know I’ll go there (for better or worse!).

  2. Your second photo cheered me up no end, as did No. 5 which I hadn’t heard about. I wish them both all the luck in the world. And is there a remake of Picnic at Hanging Rock in the mix? The original will be hard to beat. Loved the BBC adaptation of The Miniaturist.

  3. Definitely read When Breath Becomes Air, and Nina Riggs’ The Bright Hour. Their widow(er)s getting together is fantastic — my sister had the dirt on that ahead of time through her “Hot Young Widows” Facebook group 😉

    The Miniaturist was a rare case of me wishing we still had a TV so I could have watched it over Christmas. Our dates at my in-laws’ didn’t work out so I could watch it there. I saw the dollhouse in question in Amsterdam last September, so I was in the mood.

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