Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. Converse make my feet hurt but I really want these or these (particularly because I missed out on these beauties from Gorman despite getting there on the day they were released).

02. How did I not know about Largehearted Boy Book Notes?!

03. If you ‘liked’ The Trauma Cleaner, watch Sunshine Cleaning (it’s on Netflix).

04. I think I’ll need a new Kindle soon. I’m insanely tempted by the Kindle Oasis (because: pool and beach reading).

05. Holy hell. I’ll be panic-buying.

06. Bless

07. Random fact about me: in my twenties, I did some work as a calligrapher. Obviously I need to break out the nibs again.

08. The Museum of Broken Relationships.

09. Stop everything. Gin and tonic gums.

10. It’s well-trodden comedy ground but Grace and Frankie is making me laugh (especially Ep.5 The Fall).


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    • My Paperwhite only needs charging every fortnight or so but the problem is now that I can’t turn it fully off (I can only put it in sleep-mode), so the battery will probably need recharging more frequently soon!

    • Luckily I have a back-up plan (Tasmanian butter). But seriously, it’s dire… Like the Italian hazelnut shortage a few years ago when Nutella supplies ground to a halt.

  1. We cannot have a butter crisis!

    It’s bad enough that living in Nashville, people go crazy when they hear the word snow. I can only imagine what a run on butter will look like!

  2. Aaah… I’m so tempted by the Oasis too. I’m still using a Kindle keyboard! I’ve only seen 3 episodes of Grace & Frankie so far, but loved what I saw. Happy Friday!

  3. Converse, Vans, and Toms are the cutest, but not always the most comfortable. Speaking of comfort, I have to get out of my comfort zone and check out some new TV shows, there’s so many I need to catch up on! You’re blessed to even remember your twenties, mine was all a blur, lol. Happy Halloween!!

  4. So much to process! First of all, #5: WHAT?! That is end days kind of talk. Here in good ole America it’s been the warning of an avocado shortage, but guacamole doesn’t keep so I can’t stock up!

    Love those Converse sneaks. I felt the same way about the Rifle Paper Co. patterned Keds!

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