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  1. I liked how you describe how Donoghue’s set up the novel. I enjoyed this book, the suspense, the intrigue. And I felt I know the characters. The only problem with the story, in my opinion is that the ending was unrealistic. Everything tied up in a pretty riblon.

  2. Sounds interesting – I loved Room but I’ve not read any of her historical fiction. I saw a woman on daytime TV a few years back who claimed she’d eaten nothing for years but a single chocolate digestive, so the phenomenon is still with us… (I would have plumped for Viscount, or even a hobnob, myself)

  3. Ha… you ever have a book end up on your TBR and you’re questionably excited for it even though you’re not sure why? And then you read a review and wonder if you ever actually read the blurb for that? I’ve been excited for this book for ages and have been on hold for the audio for months… I don’t think this is for me though but much thanks for the enlightening review. 🙂

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