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01. Love the beat, love the clip, love the Robbie-ness, hate the matchy-matchy Russian/discussion/concussion line.

02. In my review of Foer’s Here I Am, I mentioned Spielberg. I just have to share a quote that hints at the hilarity of that particular scene –

“Urinal etiquette forgives a reflexive glance and the cough might have been an alibi, but there was simply no way to return to the scene without propositioning sex, and even in a world in which Spielberg hadn’t made A.I., that wasn’t going to happen.”

03. When I go to Berlin next (because I will go again), I’m doing this underground tour.

04. This week in adorable hair news

05. More on The Shriver Question – here (in relation to Ferrante), here, and for the most comprehensive round-up, here (thanks to Bill).

06. It’s a great idea but could there ever be enough bacon…?


07. Saw Bridget Jones’ Baby yesterday. It was great fun (Bridget Jones haters should listen to this track from the movie soundtrack).

08. I think Glory Days and I’m on Fire were robbed, but anyway, someone’s gone to the trouble of ranking all of Bruce Springsteen’s songs.

09. This is a thing of beauty. #want


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  1. 1 – I didn’t know he was releasing new music. This news pleases me.
    4 – I have hair envy.
    6 – I know sharing food is a thing, but I hate it. There’s always one thing that everyone likes more than everything else, which means you never get as much as you want. I will part with one mouthful of a dish in exchange for a mouthful of whatever the person I’m with is eating, but that’s as far as I’ll go in my sharing. I’ve always been of the opinion that if you wanted what I’m having, then you should have ordered it. Share platters are my worst nightmare.
    9. So beautiful. I have a Classica cast iron pot that I love. I got it on sale and it was worth every cent, although I’m petrified of dropping it on my foot one day.

    • 1. I think the whole album is released in a few weeks. Hoping it means another Aus tour is on the horizon. That will please me.

      4. It’s my new picture to look at when I want an instant laugh.

      6. I don’t mind sharing in places that do it right – like distinct portions on things at tapas but sharing scrambled eggs?? Tricky.

      7. I own a few Le Creuset pots – they are as good today as they were 20 years ago, so I could easily justify the purpose – alas, despite a thorough search, I can’t find anywhere to buy one of these limited editions 🙁

  2. Ok just quickly. I also want to see Bridget J’s baby. And re the unterwelten tour, I really hope you have better luck than me and my daughter finding the bloody thing. Had tickets booked and paid for, but finding it?? Didn’t manage it. So we took a bus etc out there and then had to return unsatisfied. I will also go again and I’m hoping you will work out how to find it and tell me. (There were major renos going on at the station but still…)

    I hate sharing food. Hate it. Big table, everyone’s hands going for it, some people taking more than their share. Nope.

    • Bridget was just plain fun, delivering exactly what you expect and want from Bridget.

      That is so incredibly disappointing about the unterwelten tour. If/when I get there, I’ll make sure I’ve sussed it out before the day.

      I’m loving the fact that people have such strong opinions about the breakfast share 🙂

      • If I wasn’t clear before, we had sussed the unterwelten out. I had a printed map and phone number written on it that I’d taken from Melbourne. I am super organised. No one answered the phone, we couldn’t find the place. It was devastating, but everything else in Berlin was fantastic. Actually, didn’t you tell me about the UW bunker tours?

  3. 1. I had no idea he was back! Great tune.
    4. Best hair EVER.
    6. There will never be enough bacon. Friendships will end over this sharing platter, I predict.
    8. What was the point?
    9. Love Le Creuset. Now my grey pots seem so dull…

  4. Okay, trying again! My first comment went to your spam folder, I’m sure…It’s been happening on and off all week. Signing in with FB.

    Anyway…I do like the look of that Berlin Underground Tour….

    Bridget Jones’ Baby was definitely fun, and I really enjoyed the Patrick Dempsey character…Colin Firth grates on me, for some reason. lol.


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