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01. Last week I was moaning about winter. This week I have almond blossom. Spring is coming.

02. Couldn’t watch the Olympics for the first day or so, for fear of seeing the leg break. I’m not usually squeamish but holy fuck you could hear it snap…

03. These are the real Olympic moments.

04. We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves. I’ll watch it.

05. Bridget Jones’s Baby. I’ll read it.

06. Remember that watermelon tool I needed? Need it even more now. Because watermelon rosé margaritas.

07. This article about writing female adolescent characters is very interesting.

08. There’s lots to love about this piece on art and Melrose Place (note that it was described as “…the most diabolical hour on television” and “…not famous for its subtlety”) but in particular –

“Television is about product placement… So the question was why don’t we place ideas on there, and open up the complexity [TV] can offer.”

09. I need to watch Melrose Place from the beginning now, obvs.

10. And also heralding the end of winter – end-of-footy-season washing-day…


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  1. I love tree blossom – Happy Spring 🙂

    I’m not usually squeamish either but that break…

    I’m intrigued as to how they’ll film We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves.

    Watermelon Rose margaritas – yum! Probably a good idea to drink several when watching Melrose Place 😀

    • Our tree just burst into blossom overnight and then tragically, we had high winds last night and most of it is on the ground now 🙁

      I’m also wondering how they’ll do WAACBO – it could be great, it could be ruined.

    • It’s going to be a challenge for the film makers not to end up with a horrible sweet, cloying story line. I didnt care for the book much so not sure this one would be on my watch list though

  2. Loving watching #Rio2016 and reading simultaneously, it’s still summer here and I’d head for the beach, but the big Mistral wind and the local forest fires that yesterday devastated 3,300 hectares and closed the rad to the sea suggest I’m better off staying where I am!

  3. Now I am wanting to read the Karen Joy Fowler book….I don’t know why I haven’t read it yet.

    I am also intrigued by the Melrose Place article…and recall watching the show every week back int he day. Perhaps I should find it and binge-watch it. I’m a fan of binge-watching these days.


  4. Is We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves really good? I haven’t read it (after my positive experience with Rush Oh!, I value your opinion a lot) (no pressure).

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