Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. Tuesday was the best and worst of days. Best because: a friend saw this post and bought me a copy of The Glorious Heresies for my birthday (YAY! When I published the list, I hadn’t thought about all the hints it would provide…).

02. Also best because same friend and I went to see Love & Friendship and it was hilarious – it’s Austen, but all wit and no romance.

03. Worst because two-thirds of the way through the film my son’s school called me – cue #ALLTHEANXIETY. My son had tripped over and broken his fall with his front teeth. We now wait to see what happens with three of his teeth – the dentist is hopeful that they’ll “firm up” (words to send a shudder through parents). Meanwhile, son is on a yogurt diet.

04. Happily, the novella that Love & Friendship is based on – Lady Susan – is free on Kindle (so I can find out what I missed).

05. I’m not the only one who looks forward to census night, am I?

06. So yeah, this made me laugh.

07. Look! Book-lovers candles.

08. The thing about right now is that it’s winter. But I keep getting emails from northern hemisphere retailers about all sorts of beach things. So it’s 14 degrees and I’m thinking, “Yeah, I need a watermelon corer, a Beach Vault, and a lounger that is built for reading…”

09. Obvs need the watermelon corer so that I can make a watermelon shandy quickly.


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  1. How is it that I never sat down and watched the Love and Friendship trailer until now? Looks excellent, glad you enjoyed it! (Now I need to re-read Lady Susan)

    Sorry to hear about your son’s accident! That’s a scary way to describe his teeth’s progress but I hope they improve.

    I wish it was 14 degrees over here right now…It’s supposed to feel like 39 degrees on Friday *barfs*

  2. I hope your son doesn’t have any lingering problems.
    A friend bought me a book from the list I published for my Top Tuesday post too. Who knew all this was coming just from doing a blog linkup!

  3. Your 14 degree reference made me smile ruefully! We’ve had lots of those kinds of days during this year’s ‘summer’ here in the UK. Hope your son recovers from his fall with no lasting ill effects.

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