Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. Yesterday I went to Sydney to be part of the studio audience for the ABC’s The Book Clubindulgent, yes, and so much fun (spoiler: the panel ALL AGREES ON A BOOK!).

02. I didn’t have much time in Sydney other than that spent at the ABC Studio, although I did squeeze in a quick walk this morning. And I thought that people who live in Sydney must suck at cloud-spotting… (remember, it’s winter here).


03. My trip allowed me an 8.30am sleep-in and a buffet breakfast. I love hotel buffet breakfasts hard.

04. Speaking of clouds, don’t want to brag BUT I’m currently ranking 657 on Cloudspotter (my shot of iridescence and undulatus moved me up quite a few spots).


05. I’m sure I’ve mentioned how much I love Red Dog. Now Blue Dog by Louis De Bernières is on the way.

06. So, the Man Booker Prize 2016 longlist – spewing that Charlotte Wood’s The Natural Way of Things wasn’t included and quite disappointed that the list is dominated by authors from the UK and US.

07. I’ve only read two of the Man Booker 2016 nominees – Lucy Barton and Eileen. I thought both books were brilliant but I’m not sure either is a prize-winner.

08. I think I need to add this to my snorkeling/ diving bucket list.

09. I’m having a fight with Fed-Ex. I stayed home waiting for a delivery, only to go to the letterbox to find a ‘Sorry we missed you’ card. Bullshit. So the driver comes back the next day. Same thing. Drivers get paid by the hour, right? I’m sharing it here because I’m about to go absolutely mental at the next person I speak to at their call centre… But I want my parcel first.

10. Shameful confession: I’ve been watching The Hills. Again. In its entirety. I started watching because there’s a 10 year anniversary show airing next week. In the meantime, MTV released an alternate ending… And I can’t even… (Because remember the ending they aired at the time changed everything about reality television?).

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  1. Oh, I would also be furious at the Fed Ex man! What is their problem? I hope you finally get your package.

    The trip to Sydney sounds wonderful. I will probably never make it there, since I don’t enjoy flying…LOL. But thanks for the photos. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    • They didn’t say it in so many words but the camera pulled back and you saw that instead of standing on a street, it was a studio (or similar – a backdrop… ) – can’t remember the precise detail but you knew that it was all staged. I think it was the first show that was then referred to as ‘scripted reality’ which is the norm now but then…! Makes me love shows like UnReal even more.

  2. Sydney has been gorgeous this week – I captured some glorious pics in the Botanic Gardens on Thursday. Love the idea of being a cloud spotter, but I have enough app addictions on my life right now (yes, I mean you, Pokemon go!)

  3. Where to begin?! YES, to hotel breakfast buffets. I never eat waffles at home, but put me in front of one of those hotel waffle makers and I’ll eat until my stomach explodes. No yogurt and fruit for me, I want all the bad stuff.

    An alternate ending to The Hills?! How did I miss this? I too, will have to start at the beginning to prep for this.

  4. I had a similar problem with Fed Ex! I stayed home to wait for a package (a new laptop). The guy came to my door, rang the doorbell, ,and immediately walked away. I run down two flights of stairs and out into the street, only to see him driving away and ignoring my yells. I had to pick it up myself that night.

    The Book Club sounds really cool. Glad you had a nice trip to Sydney!

  5. Oooh I would’ve been super pissed with Fed Ex as well if that had happened to me. I can’t remember if it was UPS or someone else that did it once but I was pretty mad then too #unamused

    I’ve been so busy that I haven’t properly looked at the Man Booker longlist but now that you mentioned it, I’m shocked The Natural Way of Things wasn’t included…*still has yet to read it*

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