Lately (winter edition)

Making: Bloody Mary Beef – I have an immense amount of respect for the work Jamie Oliver does with beef brisket.
Drinking: Applewood Økar – it’s a bit summery for June but no one’s looking, so…
Reading: Cereal magazine – the pictures… stunning.

Listening: Heathers the Musical soundtrack. I’m still laughing.
Watching: Indian Summers.
Anticipating: floating. I’m either going to love it or hate it.
Smelling: right this second? Jacket potatoes cooking. The butter and sour cream awaits.
Enjoying: Oxford Dictionaries blog.
Loving: my 9yo daughter’s holiday to-do list: “Learn to knit. Learn to speak Cantonese. Learn to blow a bubble with bubblegum.” Aim high, I always say.
Needing: to settle on some study plans for next year.
Coveting: everything at Atelier Stella.
Feeling: despair – the Brexit result and the threat of Trump really adds up to things heading in a very, very bad direction.
Wishing: Australia could take the spare spot in the EU. We are in Eurovision, so it’s really a logical step.
Wearing: silver boots. Finally.
Wanting: an uninterrupted hour so that I can finish The Girls by Emma Cline.
Aiming: to get my ankle injury sorted so that I can get back into my walking routine.
Bookmarking: Hong Kong (again) – we have a plan for 2017.


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  1. I love indian Summers. It feels warming to watch at this time of year. And Peaky Blinders is back this week (do you watch that?). I’m interested to see how floating goes for you – it sounds like it would be pretty nice. And those boots are amazing! What do you wear them with? I have some brushed antique gold looking ones I bought years ago (at least, I think I still have them) and I always had the worst time trying to figure out what to wear with them, aside from wearing all black obviously.

    • Haven’t seen Peaky Blinders – I’ll check it out.

      Will report back on the floating.

      I’ll be wearing the silver boots with anything and everything! I bought some gold ones a couple of years ago and at first I was overthinking what they went with. And then I just started wearing them all the time – to school pick-up, out to dinner, to footy training! I plan to do the same with the silver.

      • You’ve inspired me to see if I still have my gold ones (I’m about 99% sure I don’t though).
        Peaky Blinders is very good – but also very bleak. I mostly like it because Cillian Murphy just has the best blue eyes going around. But the plot’s good too.

    • She’s ticked off the bubblegum task and still going with the Cantonese and knitting (maybe she’ll be able to knit in Cantonese soon?!?!).
      My search for silver boots (that weren’t $800) was relentless. Persistence pays off 🙂

  2. The Brexit vote was upsetting, especially because I feel like it does not bode well for our November elections. I’m deeply, deeply disturbed by American (and most others, honestly) politics at the moment.

    Love the boots (even the names of them – Georgia).

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