Making: double chocolate cookies
Drinking: holding onto that summer feeling with Pizzini Brachetto
Reading: Ferrante (and so it begins, for me)
Listening: The Plums and Club Hoy (I’m having a nineties-pub-bands renaissance)
Watching: Girls S5
Anticipating: the Stella Prize shortlist announcement next week
Smelling: This perfume (I rarely change perfumes but this has won me over)
Wishing: that a new series of Felicity was a real thing
Enjoying: Cloudspotter app (my 10yo and I have turned cloud-spotting into a competition)
Loving: my Tiff Manuell clutch (I know it’s wrong to derive so much joy from material things but… but…)
Needing: some plain black winter boots BUT…
Coveting: these silver ones.
Feeling: guilty about watching the BBC production of War & Peace without having read it first
Wearing: These joggers (how much fun are they?!)
Wanting: to make some kind of firm 2016 holiday plan – don’t care where, just want a plan
Bookmarking: silver boots, obvs
Aiming: to get off my arse and make my next career move

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  1. Kate…I’ve read, and enjoyed, all four of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels. I’ll be curious to see how you review “My Brilliant Friend”.

    While you’re holding onto the last of summer, I’m still reading by fireplace light this evening…tossing logs into the cast iron grate, one after another. I’m in the mountains, so spring is still more than a month away.

    • Really enjoying My Brilliant Friend so far. It has taken me a bit to get into the rhythm of Ferrante’s writing – it’s a bit stop-start – but her characters are so good. I did read her stand alone novel, The Lost Daughter, a few years ago and loved it.

      And yes, I’m holding tight to to the last days of summer. I like hot weather much better than cold. In fact, I detest winter. Happily, the forecast is promising 30+ degrees for the next week.

  2. Those cookies look yum! I’ve found my weekend bake 🙂 but most importantly, the title of this post has given me an earworm “Lately I have had the strangest feeling, with no vivid reason here to find……….” I think me & Stevie are spending the day together 😉

  3. Silver is the new black. Go silver. What do you think of Girls? I borrowed s3 from the library. Never seen any of the eps before, so just wondering whether it’s worth delving in at s3 or should I try getting hold of s1? Decisions, decisions. “Lately” is my second fave of your regular posts after “Bookish and not so Bookish Thoughts”. Like, totally awesome.

    • I probably won’t go silver at $700 but I may find an alternative 😬
      Girls is brilliant but you really need to watch it from the beginning to understand all the relationship history. Worth hunting down.

  4. That perfume sounds lovely! I’ve only read My Brilliant Friend–it’s wonderful. I hope you enjoy it. you remind me I need to get on with reading the rest of them. And I’d second a new Felicity, absolutely!

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    • I really hate the cover as well. Really, really, really hate it. Thankfully I’m reading an e-book and don’t have to look at it. I’m only a third in (and on a temporary hiatus while I read the Stella Prize shortlist) – it’s good, I like her writing but I’m not totally absorbed yet.

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