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01. Last Friday night: Culture Club. So, so good (my friend Alison took the pic above).

02. At some point during the concert Boy George said, “We always say that if you grew up with a Boy George poster on your wall, you’re probably a bit more open-minded than others…”. It was met with a great cheer.

03. And just on that, I have a theory – in the eighties, you were either Culture Club or Duran Duran. I know you’ll bleat, “But I liked both!” Sure you did. So did I. But I only had posters of Boy George on my walls (and everyone I’ve asked is the same – the posters sort you into either CC or DD).

04. I came across this article (via Naomi’s insanely good media round-up) about telling the future with books using the Bibliomancy Oracle – it’s a bit of fun.

05. Geez boys love gear, don’t they? Just opened a vein at an online lacrosse shop…

06. Fact you may not know about me – I love rhubarb and always have stewed rhubarb with raspberries in the fridge (it’s great with plain yogurt). Which makes this rhubarb sorbet recipe a no-brainer.

07. Saw Tim Burton’s Through the Looking Glass – it was magical. Alice-purists are no doubt having a conniption but I’ll forgive Burton’s berserk mind anything. And HBC as the Red Queen remains magnificent.

08. My new favourite Twitter account – forest_fr1ends.


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    • I swear, I haven’t met a single person (born in our era) that can’t answer the CC/DD question.
      Presuming you need a lot of rhubarb for the jam? It sounds good but then again, I never get tired of eating it stewed. The sorbet caught my eye because one of the most memorable desserts I’ve ever eaten was in London and consisted simply of a rhubarb sorbet (that was insanely smooth) and a shot of icy vodka on the side. I still think about it often – it was the perfect balance of ice and fire, sweet and bitter.

  1. I was born before the Boy George/Culture Club era; for me it was Elvis, The Beatles, and a few others. My daughter had Boy George posters on her walls…lol.

    My mother made a great rhubarb pie, and I recall that she grew her own rhubarbs in the garden.

    Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog.

  2. I was a wee bit young for posters, but I loved CC. Now I’m a fan of both & I still think John Taylor is pretty ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love rhubarb but I’ve never made a sorbet with it – definitely one to try now its summer (in name only, its puring with rain outside as I type)

    I’m going to waste so much time on that oracle….

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