Sample Saturday – crayfish, the dollar, and an assassination attempt


Sample Saturday is when I wade through the eleventy billion samples I have downloaded on my Kindle. I’m slowly chipping away and deciding whether it’s buy or bye.

Wild Light by Robyn Mundy

Why I have it: No idea.

Summary: Sixteen-year-old Stephanie West is living on a remote island. The family is grieving after the death of Steph’s twin brother. Steph meets Tom, a 19-year-old deckhand aboard a crayfishing boat.

I’m thinking: Maybe. The writing style doesn’t grab me as special but the opening chapter has a stellar hook.

The Mandibles by Lionel Shriver

Why I have it: Because Lionel Shriver.

Summary: Shriver goes dystopian. It’s 2029 and the Mandible family are waiting for their 97-year-old patriarch to drop off the twig so that they can get their hands on his cash. But the US dollar crashes and the inheritance is worthless. What to do…?

I’m thinking: Maybe. Must say, the opening chapter feel a bit derivative… A bit try-hard…

Calf: A Novel by Andrea Kleine

Why I have it: Because it’s described as “Part Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret and part Taxi Driver…”

Summary: It’s 1981. Dual narratives follow a fictionalized John Hinckley Jr. in the lead-up to his assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan, and eleven-year-old Tammy, whose friend is murdered in her sleep.

I’m thinking: Yes, absolutely.

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