Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

1. I usually start with bookish news. However…

I PASSED MY EXAM! (Comfortably. Yay me).

Thank goodness. I would have cried (and eaten my body weight in Mint Slices) if I’d had to repeat that subject.

2. My exam pass has confirmed that ‘when in doubt, choose C’ is an excellent approach to life.

3. Also (sorry, still on my exam), they must have standardised the fuck out of those results. Not complaining, just saying…

4. The Reading Spa. Sheer brilliance (and shows one way that independent book sellers make the world a better place). If I lived in Bath, England, I’d give everyone I knew this as a present.

5. It’s old news now but the (well-deserved) winner of the Miles Franklin was The Eye of the Sheep by Sofie Laguna.

6. My Summer Reading challenge is ticking along – a third of the way through and I’ve read seven of 20 books.


7. Totally love these page markers. I think next semester’s reading on the molecular basis of gene structure would be more bearable with little trees, no?

8. This post about NYC from Drizzle & Dip made me wish I was in NYC right about now.

9. Lastly, a new favourite food-meets-literature blog – the charming Little Library Cafe. How could I resist a Milly Molly Mandy (with map) mention?

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  1. Love those little trees – far more appealing than my nasty little post it notes. I was excited about the reading spa imagining someone giving me a shoulder massage while I read so I can lug all those books home. they missed a trick there!

  2. Congratulations on passing your exam! I just informed my bf that if we ever live in or near to Bath, he should get me a Reading Spa voucher. It’s the bestest idea!

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