Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts an exam this morning. It was terrible. Just terrible.

On a positive note, I figure all the brain-straining I did will push back the Alzheimer’s a few years. So there’s that, I guess.

Think I’ll take to my bed with the new Judy Blume.

Someone be a pet and make me a jug of this. And a plate of these.


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  1. Oh, sorry Katrina. That sucks. I remember coming out of Economics 1B feeling like that (in the end I got 48% and they gave me a ‘charity pass’ which I took as a pretty clear ‘just don’t come back’ message). But seriously, I was really shit. So maybe it wont be that bad … xx

    • I will SPEW if I have to repeat the subject… But suspect I will be. By far the most difficult subject I’ve ever done. At this point, I’d gladly take a charity pass!

  2. Fingers crossed you did a whole lot better than you think you did. I am a perpetual student & I could give you lots of instances where I thought I’d failed but it was OK (not brilliant, but OK). I hope this is what happens for you!

  3. Hopefully not as bad as you thought though I’d have probably have hit the next person who had said this to me way back in the day when I took my exams.

    Relax and enjoy your Judy Blume.

    • Ha! I know what you mean – how often did we hear that as ‘kids’?! I guess I’ve done enough exams to know that it was actually, really and truly bad. On the flip side, I’ve also done enough exams to know that there’s no point dwelling on it now – what will be, will be!

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