Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

1. There’s so much I love about this I hardly know where to begin. How about I just share my favourite quote from the article – “One thing that really divides Norway is bark.”

2. And there’s a book coming. #ALLTHEMEN I know are getting this book for upcoming birthdays/ Christmas.


3. All this talk of open fires reminds me of one of my favourite sayings (that I break out while watching my husband and brother build stupidly big fires) – “The bigger the fire, the bigger the fool.”

4. And finally, I think people (blokes in particular) like building fires because they require constant tinkering. The live telecast of Norway’s National Firewood Night proves it. Again, (and I quote) – “…the fire on “National Firewood Night” burned all night long, in suspensefully unscripted configurations.” And this:

“I couldn’t go to bed because I was so excited,” a viewer called niesa36 said… “When will they add new logs? Just before I managed to tear myself away, they must have opened the flue a little, because just then the flames shot a little higher.”

5. My friend’s sister and her friend (got it?) are doing something called ‘Chat-Lit’ over at Boys Club Blog. It’s a serialised novel – go forth and subscribe, peoples!

6. Got my ‘colours done’ last week – a la Colour-Me-Beautiful eighties style. Except that now there are 18 colour categories, not just four ‘seasons’. I think people instinctively know what colours suit them but it’s about which of the fifty shades of white is best.Why did I do it? Well, I wanted my best yellows verified. I also wanted some colour in my winter wardrobe (which is predominantly black. Because: Melbourne). According to the stylist, only three of the 18 categories can wear black successfully day and night. Ironically, I’m in one of them…

7. Here’s the natty colour swatches I can now shop with. And I totally will.


8. This made me laugh. So true (especially no. 5, 6, 11, 12, 19, 20, 21, 30, 31, 33, 34, 36 and 39).

9. Bye Juddy. Loved your work.

10. And finally, it’s World Gin Day on Saturday. I know, every day is gin day, right? But this is a special juniper berry celebration. #YAY

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  1. Cripes! Getting colours done. What a great idea. Wasn’t that what Bridget Jones’ mother suggested to her? Or maybe not… I should get that done too. Sick of people telling me I should wear orange (I’m a redhead for god’s sake!).

    • It was a bit of fun and it will get me to try some new colours. Unlike the old days, the new colour-coding is based on skin tone rather than hair colour (der!) and starts with sorting people into cool or warm bases (using silver or gold as the base point). I was cool but my mum was warm. Turned out that my mum has been wearing the wrong shades of particular colours forever and the result of changing simple things like her lipstick has been dramatic!

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