I’ve got a problem and it’s called ‘Send Sample Now’

My problem looks like this:


Because having a free sample sent to my Kindle is not the same as buying books willy-nilly. And I might not like the book – that’s why there’s samples. You read the sample and, if you want to keep reading, buy the book. Read the sample…. Oh wait. That’s my problem. The reading the sample bit.

I’ve got to either start reading the samples or stop requesting them. And I certainly can’t buy all the books I have samples for (because that would be #ALLTHEBOOKS). So I declare 2015 the Year of the Samples. Each Saturday (let’s call it Sample Saturday), I’ll read a couple of samples and seek your advice on what I should I pursue and what I should ditch. A problem shared is a problem halved. Thanks in advance.

I’ll start tomorrow. Brace yourselves.

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    • I successfully put the handbrake on requesting NetGalley titles last year – I showed great restraint and although I asked for more than I read it wasn’t over-the-top. I’ll be showing similar restraint this year.

      My TBR stack is out of control. To curb adding to it, I had a fairly long book-buying ban last year… But instead requested samples of all the books that caught my eye… And now here I am! Although I am pleased that I didn’t impulsively BUY all of the books I have samples for!

  1. What a great plan! I only have a couple of samples, which I won’t be reading now because I know I’ll just really like them and then want to buy the book, which I can’t do!! Look forward to your post tomorrow!

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