Sample Saturday – a heir, Antarctica and a bride in Berlin.

And so it begins. You’re probably as excited as I am. Feel free to join in if you’ve also got a crap-tonne of book samples on your Kindle.

sample-saturday-4I’ve read three samples today:

Misfortune by Wesley Stace

Why I have it: No idea.

Summary: Lord Loveall is the richest man in England. He has no heir. He finds a baby. Names the baby Rose in honour of his beloved dead sister. Everyone pleased that the family name will be continued, so they ignore the fact that Rose is actually a boy.

I’m thinking: Hell yes. It’s Kate Manning’s My Notorious Life meets Downton Abbey.

The Nature of Ice by Robyn Mundy

Why I have it: Fairly sure it was recommended to me…

Summary: Woman travels to Antarctica to undertake a photographic expedition. But is also escaping relationship issues. Antarctica changes everything.

I’m thinking: No. Too heavy on the romance and flowery words for my liking (because of this line – “As intimately as a lover, he combs back threads of her white-blonde hair blown across her face while she stands mesmerised, leaning toward his touch.”).

The German Bride by Joanna Hershon

Why I have it: Attracted by the German in New Mexico factor.

Summary: Berlin, 1865. A young girl begins an affair with an artist. It’s not appropriate. She makes a hasty match with a man deemed suitable. They relocate to Santa Fe where she struggles to build a new life.

I’m thinking: Probably not – didn’t love the dialogue.

So, three samples down, eleventy-million to go. Have I made the wrong call on any of the books above?

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  1. Don’t give up on No.2! The Nature of Ice by Robyn Mundy is a great book. Yes, there is a romantic aspect, but there is also a wonderful side story woven into it that covers the expedition of Douglas Mawson, which is well researched and gives a great insight into what the explorers endured, the conditions, adventures, etc. When I first read this book, I wasn’t sure about the romance side either, but the adventure and the life events of Mawson’s expedition were really interesting and a very good read.

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