Show-off holiday post: Paris top five

A day trip. To Paris. As you do.

Here are my five highlights:


5. I now have the passport stamps to prove that I ‘popped over to Paris for lunch’.

4. We walked liked nobody’s business and, at the end of the day, when we were so weary we were about to collapse, we made sure it was at a tiny cafe with handsome waiters, pot au feu and more champagne.

3. Notre Dame. Jaw-droppingly beautiful.


2. Our walk along the Seine from the Louvre to Notre Dame.

A view at every corner; police on roller-blades; a bridge covered in padlocks; ancient brick walls; sun on swirling brown water; office-workers rushing to start their day, oblivious to the ace-ness around them.


1. View from the Eiffel Tower. Perhaps it’s the town planner in me but I just couldn’t get enough of that view – uniform creamy white buildings like toy blocks, boulevards radiating just so, the Seine snaking its course.


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