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There’s a bunch of bloggers who have been stealing this post idea from Christine at Bookishly Boisterous – I thought it was about time I joined in (Christine, you’ve started something…). So here’s a few things that have been happening –

1. I spent last week at the beach. Read three books in five days. It was a good holiday.

2. One of the many things I enjoy about Twitter is ‘access’ to authors – it’s lovely to be able to tell an author how much you’ve enjoyed their book. For example –



3. I’m just a few books away from finishing all of the reading challenges I signed up for this year, with the exception of the Off the Shelf Challenge which is a demanding thirty books long. I’m also just two books off finishing my pedantic alphabetical list of authors. Yay me.

4. Oh no! #tissuesready


5. I loved this article on little-known punctuation marks probably far more than would be considered normal. Expect interrobangs as soon as I find them in the WordPress characters.

6. Renewed my subscriptions to Opera Australia and Melbourne Theatre Company – already looking forward to 2014.

7. Many years ago, my MIL was banned from talking about Christmas Day arrangements until at least October 1st (one year she was planning for the following year before we’d taken a bite of our Christmas lunch – my husband said “Mum, can we just eat this meal first?!”). The problem is that when you spend a whole year planning something, expectations are high and invariably not met. I’d like less stress and fewer expectations for Christmas this year. As it’s October 1st, I’m expecting the phone to ring any moment…

8. Now that I’ve passed the 40-mark, I thought it was time I could legitimately have a mid-life-crisis. Mine is not taking the form of a sports car but a career change. It includes a return to study. So I’ve been busy (trying) to enrol in some bridging subjects. Why am I not surprised that university administration is as bad as ever?! In fact, worse because now so much is online – navigating the online enrolment forms that don’t accommodate my few subjects has been a frigging nightmare.

9. These.


10. This (on DVD).


I detest multiple exclamation marks but do you think I could use two interrobangs?

Am I being bah-humbug by not participating in Christmas plans before October?

What else should I add to my mid-life-crisis-to-do-list apart from a career change (no sports car suggestions though – I have ZERO interest in cars)?

What would Blair Waldorf do?

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  1. There’s something magical about beach reading- I went on a cruise this summer and read 5 books. Maybe it’s the water?

    I’m considering making Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts and “official” think with one of those linky things on my blog, but first must figure out how, haha.

  2. I spent last week at the beach. I suspect the beach’s were very different (Maine). I also saw the Mark Darcy news, I’m not sure what to think (and may be the slightest bit peeved about it).

    And whatever Blair Waldorf does, she does well-dressed (although I’m I don’t know how many seasons behind).

    • I was initially peeved but then figured how do you write a sequel to a ‘happy ending’? (For example, When Harry Met Sally II would be all wrong) We all want Bridget happy… But that would also be a bit boring…. So I’m having faith in Helen Fielding and looking forward to next week when I will pounce on the book as soon it magically appears on my Kindle.

      Gossip Girl is of course the most ridiculous show but I can’t stop watching. Three episodes to go. #youknowyoulovemexoxo

  3. I totally agree re: Twitter, I always get such a thrill when authors tweet you back (and when they even drop by your blog post) 🙂

    I’m not sure if I’m reading the latest Bridget Jones book as the premise sounds really sad (and I like the happy ending from book 2, lol). If you do read it, I’d love to hear what you think of it–maybe it’ll convince me to read it anyway 😉

    It seems no matter where you go, uni/college administration is all the same =S Best of luck dealing with them and with the programme you’re planning on studying! 🙂

  4. Ah, more studies; which classes are you planning on taking? I think that lifelong learning is an excellent decision.
    I really like the access to authors on twitter too. I live on a different continent than many of them, and I don’t have the time or means to attend South African author events, so twitter really has been an awesome way of getting in touch. And I love when they respond to tweets!

    • I’m on the path to a Masters in Genetic Counselling. I have to take a few first year bridging subjects in Biology as it has been many, many years since I last did anything like that – I’ve looked at the course outline and I can’t wait to get started. I do appreciate the fact that more formal study at my age is a bit of a luxury (time and $$) and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to do it.

      Same re: authors – we rarely get international authors touring Australia so Twitter has opened a whole new world.

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  6. Online study is good once you get enrolled, but the process…ugh. I started a new course online in the UK (not offered in Aus) and the pain of trying to organise everything and the time difference, exchange rates…well, it’s just lucky the course is good.

    I saw an extract of the new Bridget in the newspaper today and I really can’t bring myself to read it. I made my parents stop in the middle of a cross-Australia trip just so I could buy The Edge of Reason so I think I’ll be off the radar while I read this one.

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