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fitzgerald suite at the plaza

I’ve just come across two amazing hotels with bookish design themes.

The first is The Fitzgerald Suite at New York’s Plaza Hotel. Paying homage to all things Gatsby, the suite has been decorated with art-deco pieces, images from Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming film, the complete works of Fitzgerald and more. Just to round out the experience, there’s also themed cocktails, live jazz and other Deco touches planned (check out what’s ahead on the menu here).

New York is a sensational city for Art Deco lovers (I have albums full of photos of awnings, balustrades, windows and doors to prove it) but a stay in the Fitzgerald Suite would be a fabulous flapper indulgence.

In complete contrast is the sublime B2 Hotel in Zürich. The hotel is located in a former brewery and if that’s not unique enough, check out the incredible library lounge – despite the vaulted ceilings and the mammoth bookcases (holding 33,000 books!), the designers have still managed to keep the space intimate. The books are available for guests to borrow during their stay at the hotel.



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