A bit of a problem…

So, I’ve got a bit of a problem. Well, perhaps not a problem as such. More like a situation.

I have an acquaintance (although we are barely even that) who keeps lending me books. It’s not that they are bad books but… but….

I guess I hate being under pressure to read a book because someone has lent it to me and they are expecting it back quickly. I have some friends who I lend books to and I don’t see the book again for a year – that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. You read a book when the time is right. Which leads me to my second issue with the current NBF-instant-book-group-situation.

I have a big stack of books waiting to be read. A really big stack. When I’m looking for a book to read next, I enjoy browsing through the stack to see what takes my fancy. And now there’s a book there that I feel obliged to read. I wouldn’t be starting it in the right frame of mind.

Lastly, the NBF-instant-book-group-situation has progressed from the person in question lending me a book to requesting a “book exchange” because “We have the same reading taste.” Where will this end?

Boy, I’m sounding snarky. Signing off (I have a book to read).

PS. Like the badge in the picture above? It’s from the fabulous Carbon Crusader.

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