Show-off Holiday Post – London


I’m determined to finish my show-off holiday posts because I know that despite best intentions, I won’t make a photo book or any other record of my brilliant fortnight in London (and The Continent). So, belated, but done. Here are my London highlights (which also include what I ate, what I drank, what I bought and where I got my Windsor-fix).

10. Hyde Park – London’s parks and gardens are spectacular. Although many claim they are at their best in summer, I like my view uncluttered by winter-white-flesh-sunbathing-in-weak-sunlight. Instead, bare trees and crocuses and snowdrops popping up through the grass is British-park-perfection.


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Six Degrees of Separation – from The Bell Jar to The Map that Changed the World


We begin with The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. Shamefully, it’s a book that I read (*ahem* skimmed) during high school and one that I haven’t revisited. I really should give it the attention it so obviously deserves. Continue reading