Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. Lightscape – 2km of lights and plants. My favourite installation was the dandelion seeds suspended in the air, and I loved the geometric projection onto the Kashmir Cypress.

02. The forecast in Fiji (lows of 20° and highs of 27°).

03. My son and his friends put together a band for the school talent quest and did really well (despite Watermelon Sugar being an ambitious choice!).

04. Downpour nail polish.

05. Watching: The Idol (can’t say I like it, but it’s interesting – gratuitous or pushing boundaries…?) (Foxtel/Binge).

06. Cowboy boots.

07. This slow-cooked beef korma was a winner.

08. Cold, crisp days make the best lap swimming days.

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  1. There’s a Lightscape at King’s Park here in Perth but have been reluctant to buy tickets based on my Kew Gardens (London) experience about 5 years ago… it was so oversubscribed that you had to queue up to see certain lighting displays despite having timed ticket entry. I was so pissed off about the overcrowding I wrote a shitty letter of complaint to the organisers 🥴. What were the crowds like in Melbs?

    Oh, and the boots are fab! I love the nail polish too (although I stopped going to nail bars because, you know, modern slavery and all that).

    • Lightscape was busy but we weren’t queuing to see bits. I went five years ago as well – it was much bigger this time, many more displays. If you do decide to go, choose a later session and wait until the school holidays are over!

      I’ve been eyeing cowboy boots for ages. Already wondering how I did without them 😉

      I do my own nails (always have – I find it very relaxing) and I’m annoyed by the fact that it’s getting increasingly harder to buy normal nail polish (places like Mecca and Sephora don’t sell it anymore) – gel nails and Shellac (and nail bars) have taken over. I buy most of my polish from I Scream Nails or Kester Black.

  2. Amazing pictures of the lightscape!! And the nail polish bottle is so cute! I’m just doing the bare minimum with nail polish but it would make me reconsider.

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