Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. Invested in a new Kindle (only my third in 18 years, so I think they’re good value if you apply the ‘cost-per-use’ measure!). It’s fab. Especially love the return of the page-turn buttons.

02. I didn’t love my first Rising event (some elements were great, others so-so) but I did love the festival-vibe of the city. And dinner at Tres a Cinco is always good.

03. Watched: last episode of Succession (gripping until the end) and Somebody, Somewhere (is there a kinder, funnier show on TV? I don’t think so).

04. Tapas, paella, and lots of laughs with dear friends.

05. 20 Books of Summer starting – I’m focused and ready to complete a few other reading challenges via this one.

06. A long bookish chat with my closest reading buddy (over this).

07. Spruce and Rose soap (a gift from a friend). It smells divine.

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  1. Liking the look of the new kindle, mine has a couple of scratches on the screen so may be time for an upgrade. Not sure what I’ll do with my Monday nights now that succession has ended, thought the ending was perfect.

    • My Kindle was starting to need frequent charging, so I guess after ten years the battery was giving up!
      Agree that the ending of Succession was brilliant. I am the only person in the world who hasn’t watched Ted Lasso – I saved it for when Succession was over, so my next bit of great viewing will be that.

  2. We just started Succession last night, so am desperately trying to avoid spoilers (although I don’t think I’ve been particularly successful on that front), while loving the return of Tom Wambgans!

  3. Nice!
    When my first knidle got super slow, I realized I could just use the free kindle app on my phone. I love it. Easier to handle, and I can also increase font size, highlight and the like, and oh very important, as I read in several languages, the intergrated dictionaries. Also easier when I want to copy and paste longer passages to use in my reviews

    • You must have a decent sized phone! I need to see the whole page and find the Paperwhite Kindle is easier on my eyes than my bright phone screen. I use the Kindle app when I’m out, given that it syncs so that I can always pick up reading where I left off.

      Not sure what model of Kindle that you have but mine does all of the things you mention re font size, notes etc (although maybe not translating… have never needed that!).

      Happily my new Kindle has a 30-day battery.

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