Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. No surprises about the Eurovision winner. It is an excellent song.

02. My Eurovision highlight was the ‘Liverpool playbook’, in particular, Daði Freyr’s brilliant rendition of Atomic Kitten’s Whole Again. He’s released it as a single.

03. Go Fug Yourself always makes me laugh and their thoughts on the Eurovision turquoise carpet are no exception.

04. MTC’s production of Happy Days divided my theatre-going group but I really loved it (despite feeling mildly distressed at seeing actress Judith Lucy trapped in her earth mound). It’s a play I will be thinking a lot about.

05. A first for me this week – I went to a spin class. And it didn’t kill me. They played fab music but I think my favourite bit was the ice-cold scented towel they gave us at the end. Like being on a plane in the eighties or at a Chinese restaurant post-banquet…

06. Actually, had I not already booked my spin class, I might have been put off the idea after watching the hilarious (and a bit sad) Wellmania.

07. Obsessed with these disco shoes and have acquired all that I need to make them (actually, I’m going to assign the making to my daughter who has the skill, patience and eye-for-detail that I do not).

08. I love a festival!

09. Hello Lune’s cherry ripe croissant (my spin class is dangerously close to Lune…).

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  1. Oh my. The cherry ripe croissant! My Other Half is mildly obsessed by croissants and when we were in Melbs at the start of the year he surprised me (he is NOT a foodie and would quite happily eat pizza his whole entire life) by wanting to hunt Lune out. I had never heard of it. Unfortunately it was shut for much of the time we were there (between Xmas and new year) but I suspect the next time we are in Melbourne he’ll be making a beeline for it.

  2. I totally agree with you about the Eurovision. One of my favourites won and Loreen is my absolute favourite winner from previous years, Euphoria is just brilliant.

    My country came last – same procedure as every year – but I think the presentation of the votes was the best. Don’t you agree?

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