Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. Food from the the Emilia Romagna region of Italy at Lagotto (part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival). Such a good night with friends. But I didn’t take a pic of the highlight because I was too busy eating it (pumpkin tortelli with Parmesan foam and deep fried salt bush). Pics above – heirloom tomatoes with anchovies and whipped stracchino, and rhubarb granita with sage ice cream (and yeah, tiramisu in the background).

02. A couple of other dinners out this week with my always wonderful mothers group and friends from high school. These nights are so restorative for me.

03. Went to loads of shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival this weekend – the always consistent Geraldine Hickey and Tommy Little; perhaps my all-time favourite, Nath Valvo; and two comedians I hadn’t seen before, Lizzy Hoo and Bronwyn Kuss (both were great but I will most definitely see Bronwyn Kuss again).

04. Dinners after all that laughing at Pepe’s (winner was the whipped ricotta with broad beans and peas) and old fave, Ombra (winner was the buttermilk roll with preserved tuna and artichoke).

05. Watching: The Comedy Festival Gala (ABC) – best way to decide whose shows to go to.

06. I normally have three books on the go. This week, a rare thing happened – I finished all three on the same day. Then I had the very particular joy of choosing three new books to begin.

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