Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

I celebrated my 50th last night.

I was too busy dancing and drinking pina coladas to take any photos (very cross with myself about that today), but we had a brilliant night. As always with such events, time whizzes by and you feel like you’ve hardly said hello to dear friends, before it’s all over.

Venue was Nice Guys (which has an appropriate seventies-vibe) and catering was by Mister Minh (who makes the best curry puffs in business, IMO).

The furniture was moved to accommodate a dance floor. Having worked at Chasers and the Metro in the 80s/90s, the DJ knew his crowd, but a DJ’s pick for last song always speaks volumes…. and Xanadu by ONJ was an absolute winner.

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  1. Happy 50th, Kate! Glad you could do something special to celebrate. I’ve got to get planning for 40 next year. Probably a trip with friends, and maybe a joint party with my hubby.

  2. Oh to be so young! I can just remember my 50th! I had a much more sedate garden party but it was great fun. Anyhow, may your next decade be a wonderful one. Xanadu sounds like a great choice (though for my birthdays now, it would probably need to be “Wake up, little Susie”!

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