Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

No posts from me this week other than this – on Wednesday night COVID hit me like a tonne of bricks, and I spent three days in bed, hardly able to move an eyelash. Thankfully feeling vastly better today, and able to reflect on a few things, namely how ace the week started out (see no.1-5). I should emphasise that as I enjoyed no.1-5, I was fully masked (lucky in retrospect, because that is precisely when I was contagious) but my daughter and I were in the vast minority. It was stressful to observe so few people in indoor, public spaces without masks.

01. Staycation with my daughter at the W (picked for the pool).

02. We went to the Chanel exhibition at the NGV – obviously it was stunning, and we obsessed over the trims; the smocking; the bead-work; the tiny, tiny stitches.

03. Also at the Gallery – the Bark Ladies exhibition – an amazing collection of work by Yolŋu women artists from North-East Arnhem Land. I especially loved the pieces in non-traditional colours, and the pieces depicting billabongs (below).

04. The Lume – exceeded expectations, and was incredibly relaxing to ‘sit’ in Van Gogh’s paintings.

05. And finished with a visit to the Museum to see the Triceratops (you’re never too old to be thrilled by dinosaur bones).

06. German Film Festival is back.

07. Watching: Starstruck S2 (S1 was a TV highlight last year).

08. My favourite shade of yellow.

09. My friend Sam brought me some cornflake biscuits from Freshwater Creek Cakes. They are exactly like my Nana used to make – whenever we visited you would always find them in the biscuit tin. Grief and food combined…

Apologies for not leaving comments on other blogs this week – I’ll be back in action soon.

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  1. You might be the first of us. I hope you get well, completely and soon. My daughter in Darwin had it and was very unwell, due to underlying conditions as they say, but only briefly.
    I stayed in a Melbourne hotel as a tourist a few years ago and it made a big difference to how I saw the town. You on the other hand may not have left the hotel and the pool.
    I envy you being able to go to the NGV.
    Mum still makes cornflake biscuits (with a touch of ginger).

  2. I’m sorry to hear that the dreaded C has got you, but pleased to hear that you are on the mend.
    I confess to now having lost confidence in the management of the pandemic. Relaxing the restrictions seems imprudent to me, when everybody knows that double vaxx is not enough and too few have had the booster/s. I’m sticking with Do it Yourself Lockdown until the number of hospitalisations and deaths declines, and I don’t care if people look askance at my mask.
    Get well soon, Lisa

  3. Hope you recover quickly and are back to full speed asap. We’ve still got an indoor mask mandate here and no sign of it being relaxed just yet. There was talk of relaxing it so people would return to the office instead of WFH, but that seems like the stupidest reason ever… 🙄

    BTW, I read Vladimir today on the strength of your recommendation … borrowed it from the library. What a story. Definitely one for book groups to argue over!

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  5. Sorry you are crook! Hope you and yours all feel better soon.

    That pool is amazing! And we really enjoyed the Chanel, Van Gogh and Bark Ladies. I do need to go to the museum soon!

  6. I was en route back from Melbourne when you write this so didn’t see it though I did manage to realise you have caught COVID. I’m sorry — sounds like it was a bit of a bummer.

    My son took my to The Lume for my birthday while we were there. We both liked it though probably not as much as it sounds you did. I did enjoy that big room and the music they had playing though.

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