Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. There are two days a year when I lie in bed with a new book and eat chocolate – Boxing Day with the Quality Street, and Easter Sunday with whatever chocolate comes my way.

02. Finally got to Tres a Cinco – winners were the crab tostada and the cauliflower tacos. They mix a darn good Tommy’s as well.

03. And I also got to Daughter In Law for ‘unauthentic Australian Indian’ – winners were the tandoori corn and the lamb seekh kebab.

04. Dinners out accompanied a bunch of Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows – highlights: Steph Tisdell and Josh Earl.

05. Crocheted coral reef – TED talk here, website here.

06. This article about re-reading Jane Austen. And in stark contrast, this article about the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival’s Maximum Chips event.

07. Freckles are the best. Freckles Mini Eggs are the best too.

08. Watched: Bad Vegan – what a bizarre story.

09. Had a massive two days doing administrivia – inbox went from 276 to 124 (I realise that some people will still think that is insane!).

10. Turn a blind eye to the health rating, these potatoes were soooooo good.

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  1. A former colleague of mine would gleefully tell me at the end of each day how few emails he had in his in box. Zero was his goal but he was ok with 5. Since mine seldom got below three figures as you can imagine i was not thrilled to be told this of his achievement every single day

  2. I just quit my job. I had more than 4,500 emails in my inbox! All had been read but no one should have to deal with 300+ emails a day (this was my normal quota) so I’m hoping the new job doesn’t result in death by email!

    I like the sound of reading in bed and eating chocolate. I’ve spent two days on my couch doing similar. Today I feel I ought to make an effort and do something that takes me outdoors though 😆

  3. I have had a month of White envelopes arriving asking me to vote in AGMs, or do I want this or that. I shall have to deal with them, so well done on the emails. Those potatoes look amazing.

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