Sample Saturday – three memoirs

Sample Saturday is when I wade through the eleventy billion samples I have downloaded on my Kindle. I’m slowly chipping away and deciding whether it’s buy or bye.

Patch Work by Claire Wilcox

Why I have it: Not sure.

Summary: A linen sheet, smooth with age. A hundred-year-old pin, forgotten in a hem. Fragile silks and fugitive dyes. Wilcox, curator at the Victoria & Albert Museum, stitches together her dedicated study of fashion with the story of her own life lived in and through clothes.

I’m thinking: Yes (she writes beautifully).

Touching the Void by Joe Simpson

Why I have it: Saw the theatre production, interested to read the book.

Summary: Simpson’s terrifying account of his climb in the Peruvian Andes when his climbing partner, Simon, was forced to cut the rope holding an injured Simpson, leaving him for dead.

I’m thinking: Yes.

One Friday in April by Donald Antrim

Why I have it: Not sure.

Summary: Antrim’s personal account of suicide, which he classes as an illness – not an act – and that is experienced quite differently to depression.

I’m thinking: Yes.

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