Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

Remarkably, I’ve been a COVID-dodger until this week. Two of my adult children were in isolation earlier in the year, but I was away at the time, so avoided having to isolate. Alas, it’s caught us, and all six of us are confined to the house. This week’s update was going to include Admissions at the MTC and a gin festival… but instead, it has a 2020-vibe (i.e. what I’m watching/ eating/ drinking/ listening to).

01. A win against my least-liked team to open the 2022 season.

02. And I might have teared up a little when Sam kicked a goal.

03. Listening: One Year 1995 podcast – which starts with the assault of Rodney King, but considers key historical, political, and cultural events that occurred during 1995.

04. How do I have time for all these daily puzzles? Wordle, Worldle, Wort des Tages, and now Heardle. Luckily I have time on my hands this week… (although proving hopeless at Heardle!).

05. Watched/ watching: The Newsreader (ABC) – aside from the fact that the eighties details were amazing, the story was gripping.  Started Below Deck Down Under (HayU) – gloriously trashy.

06. I might not have got to the gin festival but my friend bought me a (very delicious) souvenir from Ester.

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  1. Oh dear, sorry to hear about the covid… hope it’s not too rough.

    Not sure I’d do very well at Heardle, seeing as I am hopeless at song titles!

    Have to admit I didn’t like the Newsreader and abandoned it after three episodes. I liked the historical aspect to it, but thought the story weak and stereotyped. I’m fussy about drama. I’ve just watched This is Going to Hurt on Binge. It was deeply affecting … maybe not a good one to watch if you’ve had a bad pregnancy / birth but I thought it fascinating insight into the human toll on those who work in the British NHS, which is chronically underfunded.

    • Hardly any symptoms, so lucky at this stage.

      You’re unlikely to go back to the Newsreader but the last episodes, which focused on the AIDS crisis, were interesting. I will absolutely watch This is Going to Hurt – I read the book a few years ago and I was all set to see the author speak (here as part of the 2020 Comedy Festival) when Covid struck.

    • Very concerning that cautionary measures seem to be relaxing and yet infection rates are on the rise (rising in Australia as well). We are certainly doing all we can to avoid it spreading within the family (I know that’s the opposite to some who think it’s inevitable that we’ll get it and therefore ‘get it over with’ – I don’t subscribe to to that).

      I hope you are feeling much, much better soon, and that you are able to take advantage of any extra reading time. K xx

      • Sorry to hear rates are on the rise with you too, it is so concerning. Totally agree – Mum lives with me and we were distancing as much as we could (in a tiny flat) and wearing masks all day. Unfortunately she did get it but thankfully milder than me. I’ll also do all I can not to catch it again, I really do not want to repeat this experience.

        Thanks so much – I’m definitely on the mend. I hope you find some great distractions in isolation and that it’s over very soon. xx

  2. Oh no, I’m sorry you couldn’t avoid Covid 🙁 I hope your symptoms are easy and that it goes away fast, for you and your family. I love Heardle, but it can be tricky at times to figure out the song. They certainly chose a some that I never expected, but I’m enjoying it. I hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. Oh dear, it’s just everywhere, I hope it’s mild…
    Re The Newsreader: I agree with Kim that it wasn’t great drama, *but* it alerted me to the gender stereotyping that persists at the ABC today. In a repeat of what happened in the show when an important story broke, ABC News brought in a male co-reader when the Ukraine story broke because, well, you know, an experienced female newsreader couldn’t possibly manage without some man by her side…

  4. Sorry about your COVID issue. My brother who is a lecturer on a small cruise around Tasmania, has found himself, suddenly, just 5 days into his cruise, back in hotel quarantine due to an outbreak of COVID on board (5 or so passengers!)

    03. But Rodney King happened BEFORE 1995 didn’t it? I was living in LA when it happened (1992 or 1993?). The riots affected the arrival of some friends from Australia.

    04. I do WORDLE and QUORDLE. I’ve been thinking about HEARDLE but don’t think I’d be good at it … when I hear music I can usually recognise it but not name it. A friend showed me WORLDLE but I don’t think it really grabs me.

    05. The NEWSREADER was excruciating at times – and not always in a good way in terms of script – but it was good about the era, I agree.

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