Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. I did a group forest therapy session this week (and dragged a friend along with me) – lots of mindfulness and tree-hugging, but my favourite bit was the time spent creating an ‘artwork’ from things found on the ground. I noticed afterwards, how wholly absorbed I was in the task of arranging the leaves I’d collected. Truly therapeutic.

02.We drank tea at the end of the therapy session. I’m not ordinarily a tea-drinker but this tea was delicious.

03. Thrilled to see Meg Mason make the 2022 Women’s Prize for Fiction longlist.

04. This article by Shirley Barrett (note: it’s sad). I love her work.

05. Okay, withhold your judgement people… Watching: Below Deck Sailing Yacht S3 (HayU) and Byron Baes (Netflix) which is making me scream with laughter.

06. This list of 80s compilation albums – my most-played were 82 With a Bullet; 84 Hits Huge; and 83 The Breakers. I’ve since found the playlists for each on Spotify.

07. Still on music (and withhold judgement again!) – Air Supply are touring in December. I’ll be there. You know you want to sing along…

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  1. I didn’t know Shirley Barrett was ill. I’m sorry to hear it. I’ve read both of her novels. And from her Guardian article, “Chris, the great romantic love of my life since we were both 19” jumped out to me, because that’s my husband’s name and it’s true of us as well!

    • Yes, and it seems another novel is coming – it feels very wrong to be ‘looking forward to it’ given the circumstances.
      Have you seen her film, Love Serenade? If you can track it down, do – it’s weird and marvellous.

    • Forest therapy and forest bathing are the same thing – the therapist (who trained in Japan) avoids saying ‘forest bathing’ in Australia because it creates an expectation that there will be swimming.
      I am hoping to do the training myself one day – there are two places that run it, one in Japan and one in the north of Germany (I’ll probably do the German course as part of an extended stay there).

  2. The forest therapy sounds great, and I love your artwork!

    You are planning an extended stay in Germany? I guess not for a while?

    Anyhow I really must go read a book, but as usual I did enjoy your post!

    • My plan is for at least six months in Germany – some time spent in an intensive language school and then some time time doing the forest therapy training (it is run in the forests on the northern border of Germany). This is all a few years off – have to wait until my kids finish school, then I’ll be off 🙂

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