Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week

01. Perfect summer night to enjoy the Teskey Brothers with Orchestra Victoria.

02. The place where we holidayed this summer had insane views. Far too late in the trip I discovered the Marine Traffic app. Basically the nautical version of train-spotting. I quickly became obsessed (had I discovered it earlier, I might not have left the balcony or beach).

03. Watching: Succession S2.

04. Hooray! Author Luisa Weiss has a new cookbook on the way – Classic German Cooking.

05. This tweet – me. Every day.

06. I have a bunch of drink bottles but my new favourite is this one, for the Byron Bay beach scene alone.

07. The avocado went gang-busters while I was away (no filter on this pic – don’t the leaves look incredible?!).

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  1. Our daughter was at the Teskey Brothers too. I bet it was a lovely night.

    Haha re the marine traffic app. You made me laugh. The things that can mesmerise us.

    Classic German Cooking? I could make a joke about classic German food but actually, that does sound interesting.

    • The Classic German Baking book is my go-to when I have to make cakes (which is a rare thing, so I mostly look at the pictures and wish I was going out for cake and coffee in Germany).

  2. I bloody love the marine traffic app. My 5th floor flat overlooks Fremantle port and I have a brilliant view of the berth where all the international vehicle carriers come in. Completely fascinating to watch the vehicles roll off them… I’ve seen everything from GIANT mining trucks to little Kias. I have turned into a massive ship spotter… pretty much photograph every single one and occasionally do the odd Timelapse of them leaving the harbour.

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