Things that are making me happy this week

01. A friend gave me the best Christmas present (we have shared decades of mixtapes together and her song picks were spot-on).

02. Happy to have had my booster shot but geez, I felt shocking for days afterwards.

03. The Christmas tree is up and the presents are wrapped – phew. Still lots to do before Christmas Day (and I’m working right up until 4pm on Christmas Eve), so now I start preparing the to-do lists for the family!

04. And although I have tonnes to do, this jigsaw has provided a good down-time filler.

05. The Broadsheet Home Made cookbook.

06. Boco gelato (Negroni flavour and Aperol Spritz flavour – careful, they pack a punch).

07. Some fun nights out with friends, including to Deeds Brewing Taproom, a little gem tucked away in the ‘burbs.


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  1. Oh my, we had our Pfizer booster last Tuesday (on top of Astra Zeneca before) and about 16 hours after I had a serious case of the shivers, but I took panadol when I woke up the next morning, still feeling off, and I was fine from then on. Phew.

    I have forwarded the Boca Gelato link to Daughter Gums. She may already know it, but it she doesn’t she’ll be interested. Have a great Xmas, Kate.

  2. Funny, after I got my booster I asked the nurse about getting the the flu jab and she told me to roll up my other sleeve and stuck it into me. Two sore shoulders and very achey and shivery the next day, I stayed horizontal on the couch. Much better after twenty four hours, glad now I have both.

  3. 1. I’m not sure I could listen to any one of those songs, not even ironically.
    2. In a couple of days it will be 6 months since my second AZ and I’ll have my booster then.
    3. I have started my christmas shopping. Milly is working through, including christmas day, so I am also in charge of provisioning, which I had better make a start on tomorrow (just my luck I’ll get a job)
    6. I have 6 1 litre bottles of pinot grigio to get me through the non-christmas days.

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