Things that are making me happy this week

01. Moulin Rouge – spectacular show, insanely good medleys, and ace to be back in an audience.

02. Had lunch at Hero (Karen Martini’s new digs) – the heroes (see what I did there?) were the asparagus salad with egg butter sauce, and the chicken liver parfait with beetroot jelly.

03. Two author talks this week –

  • Trent Dalton in convo with Julia Baird, talking about Dalton’s new book, Love Stories, which has a gorgeous backstory.
  • Kaz Cooke in convo with Cal Wilson, talking about Cooke’s new book about the advice given to women over the centuries, You’re Doing it Wrong. As Cooke said, “We might as well be bolshie because they’re [males] going to tell us we’re doing it wrong anyway.”

04. Two British Film Festival films this week –

  • Sparkling: the Story of Champagne – doco focused mostly on the Champagne region but, being part of the BFF, a big plug for British sparkling wines.
  • Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story – my friends know that I ‘…read good books and watch trash tv’ – but I grew up on a solid diet of Collins, Krantz, Conran and Cooper, and I learnt a lot from those women.

05. More platypus sightings (better video this time).

06. Happy new yellow shoes.

07. I’ve started my list of lists for the best books of 2021.

08. Looking forward to the ABC’s Books That Made Us.

09. Hooray! Season 6 of Friday Night Dinner is on Stan. Am I the only person that screams with laughter watching this show?



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    • I didn’t know Moran said that about yellow shoes! I mostly own silver shoes, which also go with everything, so good that I am expanding my versatile-repertoire 🙂

      Of course you love FND, because you have excellent taste.

    • Certainly understand nervousness about being in a crowd and this time 15 months ago I probably wouldn’t believe I was okay about being in such a large audience. I will continue to take the right precautions and know that it all comes with risk. That said, I’m not ready to get on a plane yet (we all have our limits!).
      The platypuses were absolutely amazing – we watched them play for half an hour (looking down from a bridge). Still amazed that they are just 20km from the CBD.

  1. Oh, I’d be interested in that champagne doc as my last job in UK was helping to champion British sparkling wine (and gin). I did my WSET as part of that, but it hasnt been much use to me since coming back to Oz cos the day job is about freaking cars 🙄 and I’m too busy exploring Australian craft beer in my spare time to bother with British wine & gin. (Gin actually feels so passé to me now; Australia’s about 5 years behind 🤷🏻‍♀️)

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