Things that are making me happy this week

01. Two British Film Festival films this week – laughed and laughed at the wonderful Jim Broadbent in The Duke, followed by a delicious dinner at Mexican Street Food. And this evening, I saw an opera-rom-com, Falling for Figaro (Joanna Lumley steals the show).

02. Also on the social front, a dinner with my oldest friends. We all bought very, very good bubbles to celebrate being together again, so we drank very, very well.

03. This week’s author talk: Christos Tsiolkas in convo with Angela Savage. The topic was Tsiolkas’s new book, Seven and a Half, but because they are such good friends, the conversation went in various directions, including the pressure to produce the ‘next book’ and taking notice of what other authors are doing. Tsiolkas said one particularly interesting thing that I have been pondering since –

Resentment leads to the closing of possibilities, whereas disappointment leads to the opening of possibilities.

04. The new ABBA album, of course. It’s vintage ABBA (which is what we want) – my favourites: Don’t Shut Me Down and No Doubt About It.

05. It’s still months away but yay for gearing up for Eurovision.

05. I need a long convo with Monica Dux (nicht auf Deutsch) about her article because… because THIS IS ME.

06. I really don’t need more gin, however, this from Cappella has made it into the rotation.

07. Watching: Love Life S2 (I’m not laughing as much as I did in S1, but still enjoying the format).

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  1. We’ve got tickets for The Duke so I’m pleased to hear that it’s good.
    Dining French style is big for me ATM: last Friday we went to Bistro La Provence which was just divine, and this week, my long deferred birthday lunch at Bistro Thierry!

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