Things that are making me happy this week

01. It’s been approx. 80 days and my rotator cuffs were like rusty wheels… but BEST SWIM.

02. Two dinners out. Hooray! (at our local family Italian on Friday night and with friends for Greek on Saturday).

03. More author talks – David Sedaris (especially enjoyed the bit about ‘the Jonathans’ – can you guess who he was referring to?) and Graeme Macrae Burnett (more on that when I review his latest, Case Study).

04. Anita Brookner on Twitter (did someone draw inspiration from my 2018 Brookner post…?).

05. Watching: Weissensee, a tv series written by Annette Hess, who also wrote Ku’damm (it was difficult to source, but eventually got my hands on DVDs). I’m totally obessed with Berlin stories at the moment.

06. Teskey Brothers with Orchestra Victoria.

07. British Film Festival (I’ve made a bunch of bookings) and Melbourne Documentary Film Festival.

08. Completed my Goodreads challenge today. Given that last year was a dismal reading year for me, it was pleasing to hit that arbitrary target with two months left in the year (PS. If we’re not connected on Goodreads and you want to be friends, please send a request).

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  1. Weissensee is brilliant. One of my blogging friends recommended it to me, and yes, hard to get but well worth it.
    I’d also recommend Line of Separation, which is about when the Wall went up.

    • Loving Weissensee (over the past few years my reading about Germany has shifted from Holocaust to East/West Germany, predominantly because that’s what is dominating memoirs now). I’ll watch Line of Separation next – it looks excellent.

  2. I’ve not hear of Weissensee or Line of Separation that Lisa mentions but both sound good and the recommendation comes just in time – we are almost finished with our current viewing series of Call My Agent.

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