Things that are making me happy this week

01. I was supposed to be at Philip Island this weekend… which would have meant I missed out on the Yarra Valley Writers Festival – so the silver lining of Lockdown 5.0 is that I got to ‘attend’ (virtually) the Festival (and my trip has been rescheduled). I’m classing it as a win, okay?!

02. Related: When Meg Mason was talking about Sorrow & Bliss, she said that in the first version the story, Ingrid was going to be in Martha’s imagination i.e. how Martha might be without her mental illness – WHAT?! I’m glad she made Ingrid a real person.

03. Saw MTC’s production of The Truth earlier in the week – so funny, and Stephen Curry stole the show.

04. Melbourne International Film Festival has been announced – I’ve narrowed it down to 34 films that I’m busting to see ๐Ÿ˜€

05. Watching: This Life (SBS On Demand) – do you know how long I’ve been wanting to rewatch this series? Decades. Anyway, it’s very nineties, but holds up.

06. I came across the paintings of Anne Packard – if only I had a spare $18,000 for one of her seascapes.

07. New cushion for a pop of colour.

08. Two trips in my home state planned – Grampians and Alpine National Park (wondering if I’ll have the guts to do this, or the fitness required for this).

09. Sparkly shoes.

10. A good win by my team against a traditional rival to cap off the week.

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  1. Yes, re the YVWF! I had tickets and accommodation booked, broke my wrist and couldn’t go. And then they went digital, and although I couldn’t blog it live like I did last year, I was able to spend a happy weekend watching it from Home:)

    • Oh no, Lisa! Hope the wrist is on the mend. Do you have it in a cast or one of those half-casts that you can at least take off for showering?

      I decided not to blog YVWF, and instead simply listened and enjoyed. Fingers crossed it’s in-person next year.

      • It’s a solid (really solid) plastic cast which they heat up and mould to fit, with a sort of glove underneath it. It’s much more comfortable and firmer than the 1/2 plaster one they put on in emergency, and I can move my fingers now that the swelling has gone down.
        I have to go back for *another* x-ray this week, I must be radioactive by now!
        I didn’t/couldn’t blog the YVWF either but listened to it while doing a jigsaw a friend gave me as a cheerup gift. You’d love it, it’s this one:

  2. I’m sure the rest of your week was great and best etc, but I didn’t get past This Life on SBS demand!!!
    OMG my fav show from the 90’s.
    We’re just about caught up on The Crown….this is so next ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you.

    • Over the years I’ve tried to find it on DVD etc but with no luck. I have binge-watched last week. What was surprising was that lots of my friends hadn’t watched it in the nineties! (Told them they’re all in for a treat).

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